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The Court House Tower.

Chapter Founding Date: 1867 at Lombard College (chapter moved to Knox College after Lombard College closed)

Values: Love, Truth, Honor

Philanthropy: St. Jude's

Dues: New member dues - $350; Active member dues $50 per term; $50 parlor fee for members not living in the house (unless they are an RA)

Sigma Nu has financial aid programs for members who cannot afford dues, which includes payment plans or work repayment opportunities.

Membership Policy: Sigma Nu accepts students who identify as men and are in their second term at Knox or further, with a GPA of at least 2.7, who are devoted to scholarship, respect, inclusion, and leadership.

Instagram: @knoxsigmanu


Sigma Nu, the honor fraternity, was founded in 1869 at the Virginia Military Institute. For more than 110 years, the Delta Theta chapter at Knox has been a prominent leader in academics, sports and community service.

Today, Sigma Nu’s mission continues to develop ethical and honorable leaders of society through the development of the minds, hearts, and characters of its members.

Why Sigma Nu?
Sigma Nu banned the practice of hazing new members long before many other fraternities. Founded in 1869 by three cadets opposed to hazing practices at the Virginia Military Institute, Sigma Nu uses the principles of love, truth, and honor to guide all decisions. Sigma Nu was founded in 1869 by three cadets at the Virginia Military Institute upon the principles of Love, Truth, and Honor. At the time, hazing practices were allowed at VMI, and the cadets banned this practice, making it a pioneer among fraternities.
National Organization
The Sigma Nu National Chapter supports the Delta Theta Chapter in meeting its high standards by offering resources such as training and advice for chapter leaders to address challenges and promote the chapter. The National Chapter also provides LEAD, a nationally recognized leadership development program. A brother of Deta Theta, Dale Runyon, was instrumental in helping develop the program.
Brotherhood and Friendship
Delta Theta Sigma Nu alumni and active members of Sigma Nu have a support network of more than 1,000 members for life. Sigma Nu brothers live, work, have fun, and support each other during their college years and beyond. Many times, friendships are forged with brothers from other chapters.
The chapter sponsors fun social events where brothers get to know one another and strengthen the bonds of fraternity. Other social events are open to non-members from campus.
Leadership and Teamwork
Sigma Nu also teaches brothers leadership skills that last a lifetime. Brothers become ethical leaders of integrity by participating in many opportunities to lead chapter programs and through its comprehensive LEAD program, designed to meet the unique needs and learning styles of our collegiate members by focusing on in-person facilitated workshops on topics relevant to their year in school and experience in the chapter, campus, and community. 
Brothers place a high value on academic achievement and encourage other brothers to work hard academically. Traditionally, the chapter has one of the highest average GPAs among Greek organizations at Knox College.
Alumni involvement/leadership
Delta Theta has a committed Alumni Association that provides leadership, guidance, and resources to the active chapter providing consistent and competent leadership over time.
Living arrangements
Delta Theta is committed to providing the best housing on campus. The House Corporation and Chapter realize that improvements must happen in this area and are working to make progress.
A diverse group of men who share the values of love, truth, and honor are chapter members. Diversity is a source of strength for the chapter.
Service to Others
The brothers of Delta Theta are committed to service to others and the community by planning regular service projects like blood drives and serving food to people in need.
Certain traditions have been passed down from generation to generation and observed by the brothers of Delta Theta over many years. They create lasting bonds and memories for all the brothers of all ages. 


You can expect to create lifelong friendships, participate in unique social traditions, and learn to live life in line with Sigma Nu's core values Love, Honor, and Truth when you join the Delta Theta Chapter of Sigma Nu at Knox College. The candidate process for the fraternity is a months-long process that allows you and Delta Theta chapter members to get to know each other and determine if the chapter is the right fit. This takes place through many fun events that educate you about the fraternity, Chapter, and its members as well as create lasting bonds.  All recruitment activities are aligned with Sigma Nu's core values: Love, Honor, and Truth. We do not tolerate hazing or activities that are reckless, humiliating, or unreasonably interferes with academic or employment. Please click here for more information on anti-hazing at Sigma Nu. 

Notable Sigma Nus

  • Bob Barker, past host of The Price is Right
  • Williams Daniels, actor
  • Harrison Ford, actor
  • Gerry L. Alexander, current Chief Justice of Washington State Supreme Court
  • Paul Tibbets, pilot of the Enola Gay
  • Vir Das, comedian and actor, Delta Theta alumn
  • Jon Montgomery, NASA Administrator, Delta Theta alumn

There is no stereotypical Sigma Nu. In past years, one quarter of the fraternity’s members were international students, and members represented nine countries. Brothers of Sigma Nu follow the first part of their organization's creed, "to believe in the life of love," and spread it to others.

Members can be seen around campus as members of the choir, cross country team, International Club, as part of a campaign to make Knox more democratic, and many other endeavors.

Past events

  • Sunrise and Sunset events at the start and end of each academic year
  • L.E.A.D. Program Events. The Leadership, Ethics, Achievement, Development Program is designed specifically for Sigma Nu with the aim of promoting personal growth. Sigma Nu also holds events throughout the year that are open to the entire campus. Examples include a Networking workshop, a Drug Abuse/Awareness workshop, and a Time Management workshop
  • Sigma Nu Nerf: a dodgeball-style Nerf event hosted in the field house once a term to raise money for St. Judes. The event is supported by Sigma Nu's large Nerf gun collection, in which participants pay amounts ranging from $1-$15 to use. Darts and play are free. Sigma Boo: Sigma Nu's big yearly Halloween event. One of the campus bands performs on the porch while there is pumpkin painting and snacks on the back porch. Pumpkin Smash Bash: an annual service event where Sigma Nu collaborates with the Knox College Farm to compost all of the decorative pumpkins on campus after Halloween.

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