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Fall 2013

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A fall sunset from the west side of Ford Center for the Fine Arts

Fall 2013 -- Volume 97, Issue 2

Knox Magazine Fall 2013 Cover


Letters: Read the President's Message, Editor's Note, and letters to the editor.

Open Door: View the office of Nikki Whitaker Malley '98, who directs the Knox Jazz Ensemble and one of the College's nine jazz combos, as well as the Knox-Rootabaga Jazz Festival.

Where College and Community Meet: The world has the Peace Corps, the United States has AmeriCorps, and the greater Galesburg community now has KnoxCorps. Learn more about the first participants in this local civic-engagement partnership between Knox and the Galesburg Community Foundation.

Live Your Education: Five Knox alumni -- from a recent graduate to mid-career professionals to a recent retiree -- describe how they've put their liberal arts education to use and found professional and personal success after Knox.

Always a Student: Meet a few of the Knox faculty who've taken courses from their colleagues and continue their love of learning well into their careers.

Roots and Branches: Knox today stands between its recent past as a forested campus and its 19th century origin on a flat prairie. Large and small; planted and cut down; studied, neglected, and celebrated, trees are natural punctuation marks in the story that is ours.

I am Knox: Jason Deschamps '16 chose Knox for the many opportunities it offers.

The Research Behind the Promotions: Three faculty members who recently received promotions talk about their current research and how it affects their teaching.

Flashback: 1976 Flunk Day

Stay Connected: Catch up with your classmates and friends and read profiles of Knox alumni.

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Blueprint created in 1930 for the renovation of Old Main.
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