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The Research behind the Promotions


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Three professors

Three faculty members received promotions at the June meeting of the Knox College Board of Trustees -- Andrew Civettini, political science, and Stephen Schroth, educational studies, received tenure and were promoted to associate professor; Lynette Lombard, art, was promoted to full professor. Knox Magazine talked with the three faculty members about their work at Knox. One subject, in particular, revealed a great deal about their influence as teachers and scholars: their current research and how it affects their teaching.

Andrew CivettiniAndrew Civettini
Associate Professor of Political Science
At Knox since 2007
B.A. Grinnell College
M.A. & Ph.D. University of Iowa

"This summer, I finished a study on how a candidate's display of emotion, in their facial expression, affects voters' impressions and memories of that candidate. This contributes to my long-term interest in the effects of emotion in voter decision-making. I bring that research into the classroom in as many ways as I can. When I teach research methods, for example, I walk students through the process of designing research and show them the choices I make in my own research design. More times than not, my research is better thanks to the thoughtful consideration my students give it in class."

Lynette LombardLynette Lombard
Professor of Art
At Knox since 1990
B.A. Goldsmith's College at the University of London
MFA Yale University

"I'm currently making paintings about the night, which is full of activity -- enveloping and terrifying. Every summer I paint in southern Spain, where the night landscape, without light pollution, takes on a massive scale and presence. Light slowly reveals forms, so both time and space slow down. In Galesburg, I paint a more urban night life.

Interacting with students has in some ways broadened the lens through which I consider my work. Some students pursue research that truly compels me and opens new doors of thought and perception. For example, as a landscape painter, environmental issues have added layers of complexity in my work."

Stephen SchrothStephen Schroth
Associate Professor of Educational Studies
At Knox since 2006
B.A. Macalester College
J.D. University of Minnesota
M.A. Teachers College at Columbia University
Ph.D. University of Virginia

"I have several projects going on concurrently, including the preparation of results from a national survey on educators' perceptions regarding the development of artistically gifted students and gathering data on the best ways to prepare pre-service teachers for the elementary school classroom, especially men, students of color, and first-generation college students. Having concurrent projects provides many opportunities for students to join in my work. I often see students who are very talented, but who have not yet found their niche. Providing them with opportunities to engage on a professional level helps them to see themselves in a different light, to better understand how education is partly about creating ourselves to be the individuals we wish to be."

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