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Peace Corps Preparatory Program Course List


Robin Ragan

Associate Professor of Modern Languages (Spanish), & Director, Eleanor Stellyes Center for Global Studies

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401-4999



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The prairie at Green Oaks Biological Field Station.

ANSO 102: Introduction to Culture and Society
ANSO 232: Indigenous Peoples of Latin America
ANSO 236: Peoples and Culture of Southeast Asia
ANSO 260: Medicine, Culture and Society
ANSO 270: Language and Culture
ANSO 324: Media and Globalization
ANSO 342: Contemporary Indigenous Movements in Latin America

Asian Studies
ASIA 141: Introduction to Chinese Civilization

BIOL 320: Ethnobotany

Africana Studies
BKST 145: Introduction to African Studies
BKST 220: Francophone African Literature
BKST 234: African and Black Caribbean Literature
BKST 260: African Dimensions of the Latin American Experience
BKST 335: "Afridentity" and "Hispanity" in Caribbean Literature from the 19th Century to the Present

Center for Teaching & Learning
CTL 104: English as a Second Language (1/2 cr)
CTL 140: Pedagogy in Practice (0 cr)
CTL 151: Introduction to Peer Tutoring (0 cr)
CTL 152: Advanced Peer Tutoring (0 cr)
CTL 202: Teaching Writing

ECON 368: Environmental Resource Economics
ECON 371: International Economics
ECON 373: Economic Development

Educational Studies (students interested in teaching while volunteering should take at least three of these courses, ESL work is also recommended)
EDUC 202: History of Education
EDUC 204: Psychological Foundations of Education
EDUC 205: Adolescent Development
EDUC 208: Reading and Writing Across the Content Areas
EDUC 209: Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages
EDUC 224: Integrating Technology in the Classroom (1/2 credit)
EDUC 301: Teaching and Learning in a Diverse World
EDUC 310: Perspectives on Curriculum

ENG 242: Post-colonialism

Environmental Studies
ECON 368: Environmental Resource Economics
ENVS 260: World Resources
ENVS 317: Principles of Ecology

Modern Languages
Chinese, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Latin, Spanish
Foreign Language (volunteer instructors): Arabic, Hebrew, Portuguese, Swahili, Hindi

HIST 140: Introduction to East Asian Civilization
HIST 245: International History
HIST 340: Culture and Diplomacy in Modern East Asia

Integrated International Studies
IIS 100: Introduction to Global Structures and Processes

Latin American Studies
LAST 121: Introduction to Latin American History
LAST 314: United States-Latin American Relations
LAST 326: Comparative Revolution
LAST 342: Contemporary Indigenous Movements in Latin America

PHIL 114: East Asian Philosophy

Political Science
PS 220: Survey of Comparative Politics
PS 222: Introduction to Latin American Politics
PS 227: Women and Latin American Politics
PS 301: Democracy and Globalization
PS 322: Politics in India
PS 323: Comparative Politics of the Middle East

Note: Additional courses (including ones transferred from other institutions or overseas programs) may be presented for possible approval.

Students hang their art work on the walls of the Ford Center for Fine Arts in preparation for the Al Young Student Art Show.
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