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Michael Schneider

Provost and Dean of the College; Professor of History

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1. We are a great fit if you are insatiably curious. If you look at the world and ask why—Why don’t more people get their electricity from wind power? Why are major leaguers hitting fewer home runs? Why are so many Americans reluctant to get vaccinated?—you’ve already mastered the most important aspect of effective journalism.

2. We will help you understand the larger context. At Knox, you’ll get a broad education in writing and editing, ethics and media law, and an understanding of the roles design and photography play in effective reporting. Because you’re at a liberal arts college, you’ll develop a deep understanding of science, arts, and humanities as well. You’ll also be part of an engaged and wildly diverse campus community whose concerns reflect those of the wider world.

3. We have a strong tradition of journalism and a vast (and varied!) network of alumni journalists. Early Knox alumni like Ellen Browning Scripps and Samuel S. McClure helped to pioneer the “muckraking” tradition of investigative journalism. These days, you’ll find our alumni working across all media—from documentary filmmaker Indira Somani ’92, whose work explores the immigrant experience in America, to Alex Keefe ’06, who has reported extensively on public affairs for National Public Radio, to Marnie Shure ’13, longtime managing editor of The Onion and now editor-in-chief of The Takeout.

4. We can help you get tons of professional experience before you even graduate. You’ll complete a 10-week practicum at either the award-winning, student-run newspaper The Knox Student or another local or regional news outlet. You’ll also have access to a wealth of internship opportunities, whether you want experience in television news or dream of working for the NFL.

5. We teach skills that will be valuable in any career you choose to pursue. You'll learn how to think on your feet, how to ask the right follow-up questions and get coherent answers, and to critically analyze complex situations. You’ll also learn how to write quickly and compellingly—abilities that are as useful to future attorneys and entrepreneurs as they are to writers, reporters, and editors.


Estimated Salary of Alumni with Journalism Degrees


Our program combines skills courses, where the emphasis is on different types of journalistic writing, graphic design and photography, and reflective courses examining the social and political role of the media and its role in a democratic society. All courses build upon the foundation of liberal-arts knowledge that students bring from their other coursework.

All students will complete a 10-week practical experience with a media outlet and get experience with both reporting and producing the news.


Knox offers a number of campus resources for students interested in journalism, including co-curricular participation in our student-run newspaper, a wide array of print and digital publications, and a radio station.

  • The Knox Student : published weekly during the academic year.
  • Literary and academic journals: Including Catch, Cellar Door, Quiver, X Journal, and many more. Or start your own!
  • WVKC: Our 1,000-watt radio station broadcasts 24 hours a day during the school year at 90.7 FM and can also be found online at

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Printed on Thursday, April 25, 2024