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Jordan furthers his dream of working in sports media.


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Jordan Anderson '19

Paxton, Illinois

Self-designed major in Sports Management and Communication, minor in Business and Management

Jordan combined his skills in business and marketing with his love of sports during his internship at Mandalay Sports Media.

Jordan furthers his dream of working in sports media.

Jordan Anderson '19 took advantage of an opportunity to network and was rewarded with "one of the best experiences of [his] life." He interned during the summer of 2018 with Mandalay Sports Media, which invests and creates business assets as well as produces content for numerous television networks and film production companies.

Tell me about your internship this summer.

This internship got me out of my comfort zone, being more than 2,000 miles from home, and challenged me on a daily basis to learn and grow in the world of sports media. One of my favorite parts of all of it was having the opportunity to work on and be a part of a lot of well-known projects. I served as a production assistant on the shoots for The Last Dance, a documentary about Michael Jordan and the 1997 Chicago Bulls that will debut on ESPN and Netflix in 2019. I also worked on a documentary about the 1988 LA Dodgers that will air on Fox during this year's World Series. Being able to develop my abilities and thinking in a high-priority environment was the most rewarding part about working on these projects.

Aside from this, I also worked on editing, script coverage, and idea generation for a multitude of other projects that our company was working on. One thing that really sticks out from this summer was that I got the chance to attend the 2018 ESPYS Award Show. Regardless of the fun things I had the opportunity to do, this internship taught me how to focus on the fundamentals of creating outstanding content. For that, I will forever be thankful for this opportunity.  

How did you find this internship?

Getting this internship will always be one of my favorite examples of something you just can't explain.

I was in [Golf] Coach KC Harding's office one day and found out that the head of Mandalay Sports Media, Mike Tollin, was visiting the Knox campus with his son, Lucas. I had previously known a little bit about him through some of the work that he has done, but I went and did some more research about his current company. Ever since seventh grade, my dream has been to work in sports media, so I asked coach if I could be the one to have lunch with Mike and Lucas. Our interactions went really well and we learned quite a bit about each other's background. He offered me an internship on the spot, and that's how our relationship started.

The part I will never quite understand is how I got lucky enough to choose Knox and that three years later the golf program here would connect me with a family like the Tollins who would change my life. Mike has become one of my greatest mentors and Lucas has become one of my best friends. It reminded me that anything is possible and to trust what you're doing. However, this certainly would not have been possible to take on had I not prepared myself through other internships and experiences in sports media over the past several years. Luckily enough for me, this internship was with a company and family that changed my life.

What's one thing you learned at Knox that was useful in your internship?

One thing I learned at Knox that was applicable all summer was the ability to think critically. Sure, the fundamentals of being successful in this business are important as you transfer those from the classroom to the real world. However, to be successful beyond those fundamentals, you have to be able to think critically in order to create the outstanding content I mentioned above. Learning that trait at Knox has continued to pay dividends and helped me advance my abilities throughout this summer.

How do you think this will affect your future?

This internship will be a great influence on my future. It gave me the opportunity to work alongside individuals who have been in the business for more than 40 years, and it gave me skills necessary to be successful in sports media. Combining these skills with my Knox education will make me a versatile candidate for opportunities in the world of sports media for years to come.

Jordan Anderson is a member of the Prairie Fire football and golf teams.

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Jordan runs camera during production work.

#"Luckily enough for me, this internship was with a company and family that changed my life."—Jordan Anderson '19

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Printed on Saturday, August 24, 2019