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Use of Green Oaks

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Rules and Regulations

Green Oaks benefits the Knox community by providing a place for learning, research, contemplation and recreation. In order to provide a fair balance between these diverse functions, ensure the safety of all users and preserve Green Oaks for future generations, we ask that you observe the following regulations. Questions about activities at or the use of Green Oaks can be sent to the Director, Stuart Allison,

Authorized Users
Green Oaks is open for use by all Knox College students, staff, faculty, alumni, their families and their accompanied guests.

Hours of Use
Green Oaks is open for day use (30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset) on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. During these times advance notice is not required, but please register at the kiosk by the front gate. The front gate is open during these times in spring, summer and fall. During the winter -- when wet conditions make the roads unsuitable for vehicles -- the gate is kept closed, but Green Oaks is still open for day use during the times mentioned above.

Users are asked to park their vehicles along the roadside (without blocking the gate) and to walk in. For information or questions about special events, call (309) 341-7185.

Academic Uses
Formal outings and academic use of Green Oaks may occur anytime, but to avoid conflicts and ensure that the necessary facilities are ready, any group or individuals wishing to use Green Oaks in these ways must make arrangements in advance by phoning the Green Oaks Director, Stuart Allison, at (309) 341-7185.

Recreational Uses
To avoid conflicts, large groups (more than five individuals) wanting to use Green Oaks for recreational purposes are asked to make arrangements in advance by phoning the Green Oaks caretaker.

Green Oaks is also open for evening and overnight use on Saturdays. For safety reasons, evening and overnight users must make arrangements in advance. All parties should contact Green Oaks caretaker prior to the Friday before camping. Groups wanting a two night camping experience may also be allowed to stay overnight on Friday, again, with prior registration.

Use of College Owned Boats at Green Oaks
College owned boats must be kept locked up when not in use. Only people who have signed a liability release form and a boat check out form will be able to use the boats. The Green Oaks Director, Green Oaks Caretaker and members of campus security may ask to see signed liability waivers any time a boat is in use. Please read the policy on College Owned Boats at Green Oaks for further information.

To maintain the natural beauty of Green Oaks, only tent camping is allowed (no trailers or campers please), and fires should be built only in the pre-existing fire pits. As Green Oaks is part of Knox College, it is governed by all College policies. These include policies restricting alcohol use and prohibiting the possession of weapons.

All vehicles (including bicycles) must be kept on the roads at all times.

Swimmers do so at their own risk. No person may swim alone or after consuming alcohol.

Bank and boat fishing are permitted. Only boats without motors are allowed on the lake, to protect against noise and possible water pollution. To ensure that the lake is not over-fished, only students, staff, faculty, their families and one accompanied guest may fish and should limit themselves to no more than six bass in one day. To avoid the accidental introduction of non-indigenous species, live fish baits are not permitted. Fishing is not permitted on Little West Lake so that it may remain in untouched condition for research purposes. Be aware that a state fishing license is required and that the extreme north end of the lake is not college property and entry into this area constitutes illegal trespassing.

Hunting and Trapping
Hunting and trapping are strictly prohibited.

Green Oaks Pet Policy
Dogs at Green Oaks must be on a leash at all times. Dogs are only permitted along the gravel roads, the area around Schurr Hall, and the picnic area at the lake. Dogs may not be walked on the trails.

Dogs are not allowed overnight at Green Oaks - i.e.- no camping with dogs.

Owners must clean up messes created by their dogs.

These rules have been put in place to allow dog walking at Green Oaks while protecting the wildlife at Green Oaks and the health of the dogs. Ticks at Green Oaks are known to carry Lyme's Disease and you should check your dog for ticks after visiting Green Oaks. No other pets are permitted at Green Oaks.

Failure to comply with these rules will result in dogs being banned at Green Oaks.

Preservation of the Environment
For the safety of all users and the preservation of the environment, you must obey all posted regulations.  Please do not disturb any research equipment, plants, fungi, or animals. Trash cans are not provided. Please take your own litter out with you.

Proper use of Green Oaks that is mindful of the environment will ensure that Green Oaks will continue to play an important role in the life of Knox College in future generations.


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Printed on Saturday, June 22, 2024