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Use of College Owned Boats at Green Oaks


Stuart Allison

Watson Bartlett Professor of Biology; Chair of Mathematics; Director of Green Oaks Biological Field Station

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401-4999



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College owned boats must be kept locked up when not in use. Only people who have signed a liability release form and a boat check out form will be able to use the boats.

Liability release forms and boat check outforms will be available from campus security personnel at the Security Office in the Administrative Services Building on Prairie Street. Each person using the boat will have to sign a liability release form. One person using a boat will be issued a key to unlock the boat and that person will be responsible for ensuring the boat is locked up after use and that the key is returned to campus security. People camping at Green Oaks may keep the key overnight and use the boat as long as they are at Green Oaks. If the boat is only going to be used during the day by a day visitor, that person must return the key later that same day after returning to campus.

Each person in a boat must have a life jacket (PFD - Personal Flotation Device). There are life jackets and paddles for the boats available in the small shed beside the boat rack. When you are done boating, you must return the boat to the boat rack and lock it up. The paddles and life jackets must be returned to the shed where they are stored.

Each boat is numbered so that each user will have access to a particular boat and will only be permitted to use that boat. The boat numbers are as follows:

1. Green single person kayak

2. Green plastic canoe

3. Aluminum canoe

4. Yellow plastic two person kayak

5. Aluminum canoe

6. Aluminum canoe

People who fail to return the keys to the boat will have their privileges to use the boats revoked. People who use the boats without signing the liability waivers will also have their privileges to use the boats revoked. The Green Oaks Director, Green Oaks Caretaker and members of campus security may ask to see signed liability waivers any time a boat is in use. Members of the Knox community who take their own boats to use at Green Oaks may do so at their own risk. They do not need to sign liability release forms.

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Printed on Monday, July 22, 2024