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Asian Studies

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Weihong Du

Chair & Associate Professor of Asian Studies

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401-4999



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How We Work

  1. We embrace the intersectionality of our work. Asian studies is a field that crosses paths with international relations, political science, language programs, and more. Students benefit from the freedom to investigate Asian Studies through a multitude of disciplines, which means that every Asian Studies course brings together a diversity of perspectives. 
  2. We have a variety of study abroad programs. Studying abroad is exactly the kind of hands-on experiential learning that Knox values, but there's more than one way to study abroad. At Knox, we want more than the cookie cutter approach: our students blaze their own trails based off their unique interests and personalities. That's why Knox has 28 pre-approved study abroad programs throughout Asia (and why we're always adding more!). 
  3. Language deepens our understanding of culture. Over the course of the major, students in Asian Studies will take either Chinese and Japanese courses at Knox, participate in a language and culture study abroad, or both. Study abroad programs extend the languages that our students can experience—they can start from scratch in Chinese and Japanese, but also in Arabic, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Nepali, Bahasa Indonesia, and various languages in the Indian Subcontinent. 
  4. Our grads find success. Our students take what they learn in Asian Studies and apply it globally. Our department has produced two recent Fulbright scholars. Jessa Dahl ‘10 traveled to Japan to study the lives of women who resided there during the 1850's and 1860's. Emily Malec ‘16 traveled to South Korea to teach English during the 2017-2018 school year. Recently, Keara Crook ‘19 was awarded the Gilman Scholarship to study elephant conservation in Thailand.

The Program

You will begin your study by establishing a foundation in basic language skills through advanced coursework in Japanese or Chinese language or by participating in a semester-length or longer language and culture study program in Asia. With a foundation in basic language skills, you will then pursue the in-depth study of Asian literature and culture. All Asian Studies majors culminate their studies with a senior project.


The Dorothy Johnson '39 and Richard Burkhardt '39 Language Center includes a projection equipped classroom space located in the heart of George Davis Hall. The Center contains an instructor station, 24 advanced Macintosh workstations, and professional photo-flatbed scanning capabilities. The Language Center also houses two workgroup rooms equipped with individual computer workstations for small group sessions or individual privacy. The viewing room is capable of seating up to 20 people accommodating large-screen computer output and video viewing. Other co-curricular clubs and activities of interest to Asian Studies students include Japanese Club, Japanese Table and Anime Club. The Center for Career and Pre-Professional Development helps students search, find and apply for internships in their areas of interest.

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