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Knox in New York

Knox in New York


Tim Foster

Director, Eleanor Stellyes Center for Global Studies

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The Knox in New York program, designed and taught by Associate Professors of Art Lynette Lombard and Tony Gant, is an extension of the fall term course that combines studio art with art history.

Fall Term Course

During fall term, the 10-12 students in the class split their time between learning art history and working on their own paintings in the studio. The history portion focuses on 20th to 21st century art history in New York, with special focus on how the center of the art world moved from Europe to New York City. Students study decade-by-decade and create art in the studio inspired by in-class discussions.

Experience New York City

When fall term ends, students travel to New York City — "the mecca of art" — to study at the New York Studio School. For just over two weeks, students attend lectures from art historians and artists, work intensively on drawing at the NYSS, and painting in their own studio space, visit galleries and museums, and give a presentation on a specific work of art of their choice. 

Program directors  Lynette Lombard and  Tony Gant say visits to the galleries are some of the highlights of the program, describing class discussions of the art as "fantastic" and "charged." The plethora of artists (many of them Knox alumni), as well as the directors' connections with museums and art houses, allow students to be exposed to art as a way of life. Knox students have visited alums such as  Katie Bell '08 (pictured below with students in her studio), Ryan Fitzgerald '04, and Jason Eisner '95. 

David Petrak '19 traveled to New York City during the 2018 winter break immersive experience. He describes New York City as having "such a rich history of contemporary art, and it is home to the biggest pieces of artwork in the world. It is truly the art hub of the entire planet. I would recommend this program to everyone!"

After the trip, students return to Knox for a four to five-day "decompression period." During this time, students have the opportunity to work on art based on their experiences — many choose to work in an art style they have not tried before.

Facts About Knox in New York

  • Rather than mini-term, which occurs only during Knox's winter break, this extended-term program combines a fall term class with a trip during the break.
  • Unlike any other course in the department, the Knox in New York program can be taken as an art history or a studio art course.
  • Students in the program have visited the Occupy Wall Street movement, attended shows on and off Broadway, gone sightseeing in the city, and much more outside of class.
  • Program director Lynette Lombard extolls the program's ability to teach art students how to navigate this bustling city, saying that "exposure [to New York] is crucial for development as someone in the arts."
  • Prerequisites for the program are flexible, but 20th century art history and drawing are preferred. The program caters mostly to studio art majors.

Sample Itinerary

Day 1: Check in at O'Hare Airport, Chicago. Arrive in New York, bus to Grand Central station, and subway to hotel. Brief orientation on negotiating the city, a visit to the Highline, and dinner in the East Village.

Day 2: Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Attend optional Guggenheim lectures and symposia.

Day 3: Students are split into two groups. Group one begins drawing at the New York Studio School; group two works on artist presentations. Regroup to visit MOMA, and have a group discussion with contemporary artists.

Day 4: Group one continues drawing; group two continues work on presentations. Regroup at the New York Studio School for a lunchtime lecture by an art historian. Travel to the Guggenheim Museum. Evening lecture at the New York Studio School.

Day 5: Group one continues drawing; group two continues work on presentations. Regroup to visit MOMA, and then a lecture at NYSS.

Day 6: No drawing class -- free time to work on presentations or visit uptown galleries. Lunch lecture by a New York artist at NYSS. Visit more galleries as a group.

Day 7: Last day of drawing for group one. Group two visits the Whitney. Artist presentations begin. Students visit a Knox alum.

Day 8: Students meet at Grand Central Station and go to DIA Beacon.

Day 9: Free day

Day 10: Group two begins drawing classes at the NYSS. Group one begins work on their presentations. Regroup in the afternoon to listen to artist presentations.

Day 11: Group two drawing at the NYSS. Group one works on presentations. Regroup for artist presentations, a lunchtime lecture by an art historian, a visit to Knox alum Katie Bell's studio, and an evening lecture at NYSS.

Day 12: Group two drawing at the NYSS. Group one works on presentations. Regroup for artist presentations and an evening lecture at the NYSS.

Day 13: No drawing classes. Listen to artist presentations and attend a lunchtime lecture at the NYSS.

Day 14: Last day of drawing classes for group two. Group one visits a museum or galleries. Regroup at the NYSS to collect artwork and listen to the last of the artist presentations.

Days 15-17: Return to Galesburg, work on individual projects inspired by the trip, and final critique of projects and work produced over the term.

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