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Katie Bell is a professional artist


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Katie Bell '08

Professional Artist

Major in Studio Art, Minor in Race and Gender Studies

Katie was chosen to spend a year in residency at the Sharpe Foundation in New York, one of the most prestigious residencies in the art world.

Katie Bell is a professional artist

What is the significance of being named one of the "8 Great Brooklyn Artists Under 30"?

Being named by Paddy Johnson as one of "8 Great Brooklyn Artists Under 30" has been great for the visibility of my work. Since moving to Brooklyn, I've been working hard on my work and pouring all of my energy into it, so it is nice to be recognized for it. I am honored to be included with the other artists on the list, whose work I really respect. There are so many amazing artists living in Brooklyn, and it is really nice to feel like I am one of them. The honor just gives me encouragement to work even harder.

Tell us a little about what you've done since leaving Knox.

I traveled to Providence, Rhode Island, to become part of the MFA Painting Program at the Rhode Island School of Design. I began the program working on the large-scale drawings that I began at Knox and further pursued more sculpture and installation work. My work transformed quickly in grad school, yet it continued to foster the body of work that I started in college. At the end of the two-year program, my work exploded into sculptural wall installations as well as paintings on plaster forms. I also have a blog that people can follow for all my news and things I am doing.

How did your post-baccalaureate fellowship at Knox help you?

The post-bac fellowship through Knox was a defining factor in developing my work as well as the highly influential, critical, and supportive art faculty and community at Knox. It allowed for the time and energy to be devoted to my art, and it made me realize it was something I wanted to pursue with full force.

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Printed on Monday, December 11, 2023