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We believe that you learn the most from the people least like you. 

Knox College is rooted in an historic commitment to social justice and to access to education for all qualified students. Today, Knox is one of the 50 most diverse campuses in America, with a campus community that includes a wide array of races, ethnicities, ages, cultures, backgrounds, genders and gender identities, sexual orientations, and beliefs.

Our new student orientation theme of "One Community" represents Knox's goal of becoming a truly inclusive community, one in which all students, faculty, and staff are treated with respect and can fully participate in every educational opportunity the College offers.The foundation of a Knox education is open and honest discussions in and out of the classroom. We're not afraid of tackling the difficult questions: What does it mean to be a truly inclusive community? How do we guarantee that all members of our community are treated with respect? How can we as a community address the issues that are shaping our world?  

The introduction of Intergroup Dialogue to the academic program provides students, faculty, and staff with tools needed to explore the hard questions and to communicate openly and honestly with each other. The Center for Intercultural Life works to meet the needs and concerns of Knox's multicultural students, and the Office of International Student Services helps our students from around the world adjust to life and college in new country. And our active student clubs and organizations and cultural centers help students celebrate the heritage and traditions of all members of the Knox community.

Knox students are passionately committed to advocating for issues of social justice on campus and beyond. And we are committed to making sure their lived experiences reflect the College's values and ideals.

Becoming One Community

For the last three years, Knox's new student orientation has been organized around the theme of One Community -- a theme that reflects Knox's goal to be a college where diversity is accompanied with unity, with respect, with inclusion, and with full participation in every educational opportunity. Over the last year, students have told us -- through walk outs, demonstrations, individual protests, and social media postings, as well as in conversations and town hall meetings -- that Knox is not living up to its ideal of One Community.

Since our founding in 1837, the people of Knox College have always answered the contemporary call for social justice. Now, in the early part of the 21st century, we offer a series of steps that will move the College closer toward our goal of Becoming One Community. The steps outline actions we must take together to achieve equity and inclusivity for every member of our diverse community. Read more about Becoming One Community.

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