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Kim Schrader

Title IX Coordinator

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401

Cell: 309-337-6536

Office: 309-341-7751


Ford Center for the Fine Arts

While we recognize that a report may emerge through many sources, we encourage those who experience Title IX Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct to report directly to the Knox College Title IX Coordinator. The Title IX Coordinator will support and provide you with information regarding options, including supportive measures and available rights and options. These individuals will assist in eliminating the misconduct, preventing its recurrence and addressing the effects.

All of the resources listed below are trained to support students and coordinate with the Title IX Coordinator consistent with the College's commitment to a safe and healthy educational environment. Knox College values your privacy. Reports of Title IX Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct will be shared only with individuals with a need-to-know or as required by law.

Filing A Report Off-Campus

You may also choose to report the incident to local law enforcement. Campus Safety can assist you with this.

Galesburg Police Headquarters/Public Safety
150 S. Broad Street
309-343-9151 or 911

Caring Faculty and Staff Members

If you have a trusting relationship with a faculty or staff member, this may be a good place to start. With the exception of the Knox College Health and Counseling Service, all other faculty and staff of Knox College will connect you to the Title IX Coordinator. They are required to do so to ensure all victims of sexual assault have access to the special support and service the College is committed to providing. All incidents reported will be handled with care and concern for the person assaulted and for the welfare of the campus.

Amnesty/Good Samaritan Policy

The College recognizes that an individual who has been drinking or using drugs at the time of an incident of sexual misconduct may be hesitant to make a report because of potential disciplinary consequences. An individual who reports sexual misconduct will not be subject to disciplinary action by the College for personal consumption of alcohol or drugs at or near the time of the incident, provided that any such violations did not/do not endanger the health or well-being of any other individual. The College may, however, initiate an educational discussion or pursue other educational remedies regarding alcohol or other drugs.

Online Anonymous Reporting Option

The College has an online mechanism for anonymous reporting of acts of sexual misconduct with complete confidentiality. The form is available at or under the "Forms & Requests" option at These reports will be sent to the Title IX Coordinator who will make every effort to respond, but the College's ability to respond to an anonymous report may be limited.

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Printed on Sunday, April 21, 2024