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Sustainability Courses

Knox College offers many courses with connections to sustainability. The following courses have been offered at Knox during the 2010-2011, 2011-2012, and/or 2012-2013 academic years. There is no guarantee they will be offered again. Please refer to the Course Catalog for updated information and course descriptions.

Sustainability-focused courses

Course Title Department Course Code Crosslisting
Alternatives to Consumerism American Studies AMST 272 ENVS 272
Contemporary Social Issues Anthropology & Sociology ANSO 103  
American Culture and Inequality Anthropology & Sociology ANSO 105  
Urban Sociology: Cities and Society Anthropology & Sociology ANSO 218  
The Sociology of Food: Production and Consumption Anthropology & Sociology ANSO 336  
Marine Biology - Field Research on the Belizean Barrier Reef Biology BIOL 311A ENVS 312
Marine Biology - Field Work Biology BIOL 311B ENVS 312
Conservation Biology Biology BIOL 319 ENVS 319
Business and Society Business & Management BUS 280  
Marketing and Society Business & Management BUS 285  
Environmental Chemistry Chemistry CHEM 220 ENVS 220
Chemistry and Environmental Policy Chemistry CHEM 275 ENVS 275
Environmental and Natural Resource Economics Economics ECON 368 ENVS 368
Introduction to Environmental Studies Environmental Studies ENVS 101  
Political Ecology Environmental Studies ENVS 130  
Urban Agriculture Environmental Studies ENVS 174  
Sustainability: Explorations and Opportunities Environmental Studies ENVS 180  
Environmental Field Studies Environmental Studies ENVS 191  
Environmental Racism Environmental Studies ENVS 228 BKST 228, HIST 228
Energy Environmental Studies ENVS 243  
World Resources Environmental Studies ENVS 260  
Science, Technology, Environment, and Society Environmental Studies ENVS 270  
Environmental Approach to Food Systems Environmental Studies ENVS 295C  
Food, Policy, and American Power Environmental Studies ENVS 295E  
U.S. National Parks Environmental Studies ENVS 295F  
Alaska: Forest, Fisheries, Politics, & Wildlife Environmental Studies ENVS 295G  
Alaska: Field Work Environmental Studies ENVS 295GF  
Food Justice Environmental Studies ENVS 295H  
Special Topics in Environmental Studies Environmental Studies ENVS 295J  
Special Topics in Environmental Studies Environmental Studies ENVS 295K  
Case Studies in Human-Environment Interactions Environmental Studies ENVS 335  
Sustainable Food Systems Environmental Studies ENVS 395B  
Introduction to Globalization Integrated International Studies IIS 100  
Environmental Ethics Philosophy PHIL 118  
The Challenge of Sustainability Preceptorial PREC 105  
How Water Shapes Humanity Preceptorial PREC 111  
Putting Down Roots Preceptorial PREC 117  
Human Rights Preceptorial PREC 124  

Sustainability-related courses

Course Title Department Course Code Crosslisting
Introduction to Culture and Society Anthropology & Sociology ANSO 102  
School and Society Anthropology & Sociology ANSO 201 EDUC 201
Race and Ethnic Relations Anthropology & Sociology ANSO 205 BKST 205
The Sociology of Gender Anthropology & Sociology ANSO 208 GWST 208
Native America: Identity and Adaptation Anthropology & Sociology ANSO 231 ENVS 231
American Utopias Anthropology & Sociology ANSO 233 AMST 233
Globalization and East Asian Culture Anthropology & Sociology ANSO 235 ASIA 235
Social Movements Anthropology & Sociology ANSO 241 PS 241
Working: The Experience, Structure, and Culture of Work in the U.S. Anthropology & Sociology ANSO 246  
Social Service Internship Anthropology & Sociology ANSO 281  
The Social Practice of Media Anthropology & Sociology ANSO 325 FILM 325
American Art, Architecture and Culture Art & Art History ART 261 AMST 261
Evolution, Ecology and Biodiversity Biology BIOL 110  
Plants Biology BIOL 160 ENVS 160
Contemporary Biological Issues Biology BIOL 201 ENVS 201
Ornithology Biology BIOL 314 ENVS 314
Field Biology of Higher Plants Biology BIOL 316  
Principles of Ecology Biology BIOL 317 ENVS 317
Black Women in the Civil Rights Movement Black Studies BKST 207 GWST 207
Green Chemistry & Catalysis Chemistry CHEM 395A  
Outreach in the Arts Dance DANC 295B  
Intermediate Modern Dance Dance DANC 341B  
Principles of Microeconomics Economics ECON 110  
Principles of Macroeconomics Economics ECON 120  
The Business of Health Economics ECON 205  
The Economics of Nonprofit Enterprises Economics ECON 310 BUS 310
Labor Economics Economics ECON 330 BUS 330
Marxist Economics Economics ECON 340  
The Chinese Economy Economics ECON 345 ASIA 345
Public Economics Economics ECON 363  
International Economics I Economics ECON 371  
Economic Development Economics ECON 373  
Teaching and Learning in a Diverse World Educational Studies EDUC 301  
Creative Nonfiction Workshop English ENG 306  
Poetry Workshop English ENG 308  
Modern and/or Contemporary Poetry English ENG 346  
Environmental Geology Environmental Studies ENVS 125  
Atmosphere and Weather Environmental Studies ENVS 150  
Soil Science Environmental Studies ENVS 241  
Hydrology Environmental Studies ENVS 242  
Deep Maps of Place Environmental Studies ENVS 282  
Natural History of Green Oaks Environmental Studies ENVS 283  
The Natural Imagination Environmental Studies ENVS 284  
Invest. Reporting: Alternative Energy Environmental Studies JOUR 395I ENVS 395I
Senior Project in Environmental Studies Environmental Studies ENVS 399  
Women, Culture, and Society Gender and Women's Studies GWST 101  
Global Feminism & Antifeminism Gender and Women's Studies GWST 333 PS 333
America in the 1960s History HIST 259 AMST 259
Great American Debates History HIST 267 AMST 267
The American Civil Rights Movement History HIST 366 BKST 366
The Centrality of Media Journalism JOUR 123 ANSO 123
Media and Globalization Journalism JOUR 324 ANSO 324
Jazz History Music MUS 210 BKST 210
Ethics and Business Philosophy PHIL 130  
Rapa Nui Preceptorial PREC 114  
The Social Life of Food Preceptorial PREC 116  
Epidemics and Societies Preceptorial PREC 125  
Survey of International Relations Political Science & International Relations PS 210  
Politics of International Development Political Science & International Relations PS 268  
Urban Politics Political Science & International Relations PS 311  
Environmental Psychology Psychology PSYC 274 ENVS 274
Personal Health and Health Issues Sports Studies SPST 202  
Repertory Theatre Term Theatre THTR 310  

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