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Kyle Baacke '16, psychology major

We’ve been telling you for some time now there are No Limits to what you can accomplish with a Knox education (and we hope you’ve seen our short film on that topic). However, we recently learned that one of the very people who appear in that film would likely dispute that conclusion.

You’ll see Kyle Baacke about 30 seconds in -- he’s the fellow with the broad, toothy grin wearing a brown cap. And it’s his feeling that broad generalizations (like ours, about the lack of limits imposed by a Knox education) “indicate a lack of theoretically based scientific rigor.”

Perhaps it’s the rigor that attracted Kyle to the field of psychology. Although he had plans of going to medical school, he says that his first class (PSYC 100 with Daniel Peterson) intrigued him. The next, Environmental Psychology with Frank McAndrew, made him “really fall in love with the subject.” Since then, he has served as a research assistant to Andy Hertel (“an amazing mentor”) and studied with Tim Kasser (“he shaped my perception of empirical research”) and Heather Hoffmann (“who pushed me harder academically than anyone else”).

Ask Kyle to share his biggest, wildest dreams for the future, and, after careful consideration, he might say something like this: “What I want to do is add to the knowledge within the field of psychology one drop at a time. It may be small, but it will be as pure as I can make it.”


If you've already given to Knox this year, thank you again. Your generosity is what makes experiences like Kyle's possible. 

But, if you haven't given, let us make this appeal as pure as we can: Your gift to Knox by June 30 may be small (though it doesn’t have to be!), but it will add to our ability to attract and retain accomplished scholars and educators like Professors Peterson, McAndrew, Hertel, Kasser, and Hoffmann. And, because we do, they will in turn inspire generation after generation of students to live their biggest, wildest dreams. 

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