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A rendering of the interior of the  Sharvy Umbeck Science and Mathematics Center.

Alumni Hall Recognition


Beverly Holmes

Vice President for Advancement

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401- 4999


888-566-9265 (Toll Free)

Fax: 309-341-7770


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Books and notes on the lawn in an outdoor class.
Interior theatre in Alumni Hall prior to the begining of the renovation

The transformation taking place within Alumni Hall would not be possible without the leadership gifts made by alumni and friends of the College. Many thanks to the donors listed here for their dedication to this project.


Heritage Center: Dick '57 & Joan Whitcomb '56

Main Entry Atrium: Duke '74 & Nancy Petrovich

Third Floor Event/Meeting Room: Trustees 2011-2014

First Floor Student Lounge: Mary Kent Knight '60

Third Floor Forum: Janet M. Koran '71 & Steven P. Handler

First Floor Seminar Room: Class of 1962 and The Zemek-Eaton Family

First Floor Conference Room: Charles '84 and Melissa Smith & Paul P'15 and Mary P'15 Smith, in honor of their parents, Kathryn and Charles Smith, and sister, Janie Styczynski

Second Floor Conference Room: Max Wine, honoring the memory and bravery of Raoul Wallenberg

Third Floor Apse: Robert '56 & Katherine Sparks & Claire Snider Smith '73

Third Floor Study Area: Douglas '66 & Maria Bayer

First Floor Study Room (NW): Ralph Walter '69

First Floor Study Room (NE): Robert '58 & Mona Gage Wallace '59

First Floor Study Nook (SW): Barbara Fowler Nagel '59 & Karl Nagel '60 

First Floor Study Area (SE): Patrick St. Aubyn Lyn '84 & Cecil Craig Lyn-Overstreet

Second Floor Balcony (SW): Fay Stevenson-Smith '64

Second Floor Balcony (SE): Harold Bibb '62

Office of Admission

Admission Services Suite: James '63 & Mary Jo Howe Potter '62

Admissions Technology Center: Kyle '83 & Laura Winning

Admission Hospitality Room: John '37 & Elaine Fellowes

Director of Admission Services Office: John  '78 & Jane Pritchard

Director of Admission Office: Thomas '66 & Sue Fuerst Anderson '71

First Floor Counselor Office: Keith Maskus '76 & Susan Rehak '75, in memory of Joseph and Mary Ann Rehak

First Floor Counselor Office: K.T. Sr. '41 & K.T. Jr. '69 Johnson in loving memory of Virgina Vogt Johnson '41

Counselor Office: Pete '65 & Judy Boyton and Laurel Boyton Brill '92

First Floor Counselor Office: Mary Ellen Gale & Ann Gale Matthysse & Meg Gale, in memory of George W. '24 & Anne Van Nice Gale

First Floor Counselor Office: P.J. Hoerr

Second Floor Counselor Office: Deborah DeGraff '80, in memory of her parents, Avel and George DeGraff

Second Floor Counselor Office: James Doyle, Jr. '70, in honor of James N. '44 & Alice Dorick Doyle '45

Second Floor Counselor Office:  Prof. Michael & Karen Ruedi Crowell '72, in memory of John & Elsie Ruedi

Second Floor Counselor Office: Nancy F. Seeley, in honor of her husband, Robert Arnold Seeley '51 and his mother, Katherine Arnold Seeley '22

Office of Financial Aid: Knox College Class of 1963

Reception Area: The Class of 1963 honors John V. Sauter, 50th Reunion chair, for his years of dedicated service to Knox and to his class

Director of Financial Aid Office: Paul '78 & Susan Haerr Zucker '78

Workroom: In memory of Walter North, Knox's first director of financial aid, serving in that role for 20 years, and his 38 years of teaching

Financial Aid Office: Gifted to honor the love and generosity of our parents, William R. & Marilyn W.  Blew and Floyd & Mildred Puglisi, by Susan A. Blew '75 & Dennis Puglisi

Financial Aid Office: Steven P. Luetger '75, honor Dr. Rothwell Stephens and his 44 years of service to Knox College

Office of Alumni Relations 

Reception Area: Donald  '52 & Martha Thrasher Stroben '52

Director's Office: In honor of Charles '50 & Mary Runyon Gibbs '51

FYC Office: Irene Bowman Landis '36, in honor of the Knox-Lombard Fifty Year Club

Alumni Relations Office: Gerald F.  '65 & Carol Klail Vovis '65 in memory of Gerald's parents, Frank J. & Elsie M. Vovis

Career Center: Joseph '67 & Diane Bastian

Reception Area: Joseph E. '50 & Judi Wagner

Director's Office: John  '72 & Nancy Barrick Carlin '72, and Sarah Carlin '10

Program Office: James T. '54 & Roberta Schlick Poor '54 

Center for Community Service: Mark & Jeannette Kleine

Reception Area: The G.L. Vitale Family Foundation

Director's Office: Galesburg Community Foundation

Program Office: Rob and Carrie Benedict & Family  

Center for Research & Advanced Study: Gerald '65 & Carol Klail Vovis '65

Reception Area: In loving memory of James Leo Duffy '51, from his children 

Director's Office: F & M Bank

Program Office: Carol Klail Vovis '65 & Albert Klail, Jr., in memory of their parents, Albert & Helen Klail

Center for Global Studies: Eleanor Williamson Stellyes Largent '36

Reception Area: John '71 & Mary Podesta and the Sandler Foundation, in honor of John's parents, John D. & Mary K. Podesta

Director's Office: Gifted in memory of Edward J. Andrew, who instilled in his family the value of learning both in a classroom and while traveling the world, by Laurel Andrew '86, Victor Onufrieff, and the Andrew Family, AFC Public and Aileen S. Andrew Foundations

Program Office: President Teresa Amott & Ray Miller, in memory of her mother, Ruth Amott, and her father, John Amott, a U.S. Foreign Service officer, whose lives were devoted to public service and global citizenship

Lincoln Studies Center

Office: Lee Smithwick in memory of her husband, Jeremiah G. Smithwick '36

Workroom: Michael & Dianne Sundberg, Robert Sundberg, and Thomas & Elfriede Sundberg, in memory of Dr. Robert '40 & Maren Sundberg

Terrace: Joseph '84 & Susan Coates Plomin '86

Main Garden: Schulz Family Garden, in memory of Marjorie Johnson Schulz '47 and Edward L. Schulz by their children Sandra, Charles '72, David '74, Lawrence, Marjorie '79, and Elizabeth

West Garden and Sitting Area: Honoring William Ripperger '60 and his 32 years of service to Knox College

East Garden and Sitting Area: In memory of Etha Beatrice Fox

Stone Bench: Gerald '65 & Carol Klail Vovis '65, in Honor of Professor Bill and Judy Geer

Stone Bench: In Memory of Dennis W. Bailey and his service to Knox, thanks to the generosity of the Knox College Board of Trustees and his family and friends

Donors of $5,000 and above without named venues:

Lucy Ainsworth '03

Harry Axelrod & David R. Axelrod '67

David M. '78 & Katherine Bates

Karen Dittmer Bowyer '63

Richard '83 & Mary Filosa Brown '82

George & Mary Mangieri Burgland '68

Bruce A. Butterfield '62

James Carpenter '84

Robert W. '44 & Margaret Lord Castendyck '47

Sandra Allison Cooper '64 & Bertrand Cooper

Douglas DeLong '61

Gregory '68 & Peggy Duick

C. Burnett '65 & Susan Lillie Dunn '66

Chad '93 & Kathleen Eisele

Kirk Elifson '65 & Claire Sterk

Sandra Frum '70 & Carlos Frum

Joe & Madeleine Glossberg

Harland & Joanne Goudie

Carl "Bill" '60 & Barbara Graning

David '65 & Claudia Cole Gross '66

Elzelien Hartog '66 & Bob Klaeger

Patricia Burke Herminghouse '62 & Donald Herminghouse

Mary Mullins Hinz '58

Lynda Faut Hungerford '62

Gary Jacobson '77 & Christine Pasquinelli '78

Jennifer Jewell '92 & Gwen Lexow '90

Michael Korwin '75 & Steve Fesler

Robert '65 & Susan Doyle Kosobud '65

Charles '65 & Judy Kutal

Cynthia Morse Latta '62

Barbara Lemke '44

James & Susan Lindsay

Dick & Carol Lindstrom

ListenUp, Inc.-Steven Weiner '71, Walton '70 & Mary Stinson '69

Daniel '69 & Gloria Logan

Thomas Main '71

Sara L. Marchello '84 & Thomas F. Morehouse III

Cynthia Kenyon Marty '52

Raymond Mikulich '74

J. Paul '59 & Lisbeth Reed Mitchell '62

Edward & Lori Moore

Dale Nelson '58

Office Specialists, Inc.

William Pannier III '62

Carolyn Swartz Park '55

George '76 & Mary Pearce

Jerry '57 & Lois Peck

Thomas J. Perille '76 & Ann Feldman Perille '76

Jonathan G. Powers, Jr.

Donald & Esther Procknow

Eugene '76 & Mary Procknow

Harold W. Pskowski & Ellen Campbell Pskowski

James & Suellen Purlee

Hari'00 & Himayani Puri Ramanan

Richard Riddell '72 & Deborah Wong

Diane Smatlak Rosenberg '63

Laura Rosene '90 & R. Scott Toop

Robert '49 & June Russell

Judith Holland Sarnecki '66 & Jan Sarnecki

John Sauter '63

Robert '62 & Barbara Cady Schmid '62

Tino '87 & Silke Schuler

Janice Vyn Sharry '73 & Michael Sharry

J. Chris Smith P'15 & Debra Nickelson Smith P'15

Glenn'65 & Susan Seils Spachman '66

Allan W. '61 & Joanna Lyon Spence '62

Larry L. Stites '63

Roger '63 & Anne Taylor '63

Ingrid Malm Temple '62 & Thomas Temple

Tompkins State Bank

Rick '79 & Anne Johnson Veague '80

Marilynn Weise Victor '55

Maria Louisa Vissat '63

Steven Walton '74

Gary Wanke '65

Stephen '82 & Leslie Goudie Warner '82

James Whitehill '81 & Jane Rodda, Andrew Whitehill '15 & Allie Whitehill '17

Yemm Chevrolet, Inc.

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