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Cross-section of interior of the Sharvy Umbeck Science & Mathematics Center

Why Renovate SMC?


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Considering SMC's age and the scope of improvements needed, some institutions facing a similar challenge might be better off starting over from scratch. There are many reasons, however, why we believe it is a smarter choice to renovate.

1. To conserve limited campus space

No space is available on campus to add a building of comparable size. If we demolished the current building to rebuild on the same site, we would have to relocate faculty and students for at least 18 months, which would be enormously disruptive to students' progress in their degree programs and faculty's ongoing research. Our phased construction plan allows for learning and research to continue in SMC throughout the renovation process.

2. To take advantage of existing design efficiencies

Many aspects of the existing structure make it possible to accomplish the improvements we have envisioned: for example, column spacing is wide enough to accommodate appropriately sized laboratories and classrooms. The floor-to-floor height is 14 feet—two feet taller than typical buildings from the same era—providing additional space for the installation of new HVAC systems.

3. To minimize waste

Renovation is the most sustainable choice. Re-using an existing asset greatly reduces the amount of new construction materials needed and the amount of waste going to landfills. We are hopeful, in fact, that the renovations we have envisioned will ultimately help the building achieve LEED certification.

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Printed on Saturday, October 20, 2018