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Conduct Council

The Knox College Conduct Council is the board that administers discipline to students in the event of social issues or violations of the college policy on campus.

While the board does exist as a place for students to be brought to when they have violated policy, the board is also made up of more student members than faculty members. This is yet another aspect of Knox's governance that is strongly represented by students. The Conduct Council hears complaints of violations of the college policy committed by students or student organizations with the exception of:

  • Violations of the honor code, which are heard by the Honor Board;
  • Violations of college policies regarding harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination and sexual misconduct, which are heard by the Grievance Panel;
  • Complaints against College faculty and staff, which are heard by the appropriate Vice President;

The College's Judicial Officer, normally a member of the Office of Student Development, serves as the convener of the College Conduct Council. Besides the College's Judicial Officer, the Conduct Council is comprised of seven students and two faculty members.

If you are interested in being involved in part of the governance of Knox's student body on one of many student-run panels, apply to be on the Conduct Council.