Stipp, a software development intern during summer 2015, learns to juggle on the CFA lawn. #


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Dakota Stipp '17

Galesburg, Illinois

Major in Computer Science, Minors in Music and Theatre

As a software development intern at DocuWrx in Clearwater, Florida, Dakota learned to produce useful, immediately deployable software.

Stipp, a software development intern during summer 2015, learns to juggle on the CFA lawn.

How did you learn about this opportunity?

I approached Terrie Saline in the (Bastian Family) Career Center during fall term of last year about internships. She helped me write a resume, informed me of events that may be helpful, and told me about this position. Eric Miller '02 (DocuWrx Founder and CEO) and Gary Moses '65 (the generous man who is providing housing) are both Knox alumni.

What inspired you to pursue the internship?

I'm still deciding between academic and professional work, so I wanted some exposure to work in the software world. I also want to relocate from the Galesburg area after graduation, so I saw this as an opportunity to explore a new place. The deciding factor was my interview with Eric—unlike interviews for other internships, I felt like he took a genuine interest in me as a person and my academic interests.

How have your Knox experiences benefited you in the internship?

I think the most valuable aspect of my education so far has been learning to solve problems. This is a recurring theme in computer science courses, and problem-solving has also been necessary in my role as sound designer for several theatre productions. Nearly every task at DocuWrx involves solving problems—sometimes following clearly established convention, and other times involving completely creative solutions.

What has been the coolest part of your internship so far?

By far, the most interesting task I have been assigned was for a restaurant management system. We are currently designing a custom solution for a restaurant with some unique needs, and we are attempting to address those needs in the most efficient way possible. My role in this project is designing the user interface and workflow in a way that makes sense and fits with the rest of the system. I have also contributed significantly to the upcoming release of Kosmas Online, which is pretty cool. (Kosmas is an ERP Suite, or Enterprise Resource Planning Suite, which helps businesses track sales, campaigns, employee time clocks, products, pricing, equipment, etc. It is currently available on desktop, iPad, and iPhone.)

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