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Nairran Zargar

Kashmir, India

Computer Science and Economics Double Major

During his first term at Knox, Zargar chose to pursue a computer science major to learn the nuances of code.

Nairran Zargar ’27 has always been intrigued by video games. As a child, he was discouraged by his parents to play them, which Zargar says only pushed him further into his fascination. Zargar enjoys the competitive nature of gaming, always trying to best his friends growing up. Now, he wants to create his own games and learn more about programming and one day join the industry as a video game developer.

“You know when you can’t have something, you only want it more? That’s how video games are for me,” he said. 

During his first term at Knox, Zargar chose to pursue a computer science major to learn the nuances of code. The introduction to computer science has been a welcome challenge, providing him with the foundations needed to create computer programs. He says former Knox faculty member Vera Kazakova helped him better understand concepts while being supportive and encouraging of his learning process. 

As a part of the Knox liberal arts approach, Zargar plans on taking a painting or ceramics class. He looks forward to working alongside other artists. Art helps him find peace, an element of his education that he hopes to explore further. 

Outside of the classroom, Zargar can be found studying in Post Lobby with his friends, working at The Outpost (on-campus convenience store), or helping set up equipment for events as a student worker in the audio-visual department. He also serves as the first-year representative for the International Club where he hopes to eventually become the president of the club, eager to help other international students navigate their introduction to life at Knox. 

Regardless of where his path takes him, Zargar wants to stay true to his belief in working hard and being the best version of himself. “I am just going to give it my best shot, and let my efforts take care of the rest,” he said.  

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Printed on Sunday, June 23, 2024