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Lola Stam '21 in Tell Dhiban, Jordan through a field archaeology program.


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Lola Stam '21

Miami, FL

Major in Anthropology and Sociology, Minors in Creative Writing and Environmental Studies

Lola visited historic sites and excavated bones, pots, and more through a field archeology program in Jordan.

Lola Stam '21 in Tell Dhiban, Jordan through a field archaeology program.

Lola used the Power of Experience Grant to fund additional expenses that are often associated with study abroad programs. The grant provides all incoming Knox students with up to $2,000 to support a qualifying experiential learning opportunity. 

Describe your off-campus study program.

I spent five weeks at a field archaeology program in Jordan, where we worked at a field site in Tell Dhiban. [The project is co-directed by two Knox professors, Danielle Steen Fatkin and Katie Adelsberger.] We were excavating a Byzantine building and a Middle Islamic building. 

I chose this specific program because it somehow seemed so surreal to travel to Jordan and to touch historic mosaics and artifacts. I was also really glad that this program was offered by Knox in the summer as I was able to get a study abroad experience without missing any terms. I felt like it was an opportunity that I could not pass up. 

What is the most valuable thing you learned from the experience?

The most valuable thing for me was the feeling of unmasking history and having the opportunity to bring back an object back into the world. While I was there, I found bones, pottery shards, pieces of lamps, and bowls. Finding these unique finds was remarkable as it felt like I was holding history in my hands. 

What’s a rewarding experience you’ve had at Knox so far?

I was a part of Repertory Theatre Term. I was actually very nervous and intimidated while doing it. I had so much fear throughout the entire experience but in a good way, because I knew I could do it. I have a language-based learning disability, which makes it harder for me to learn lines on the spot. There was also one scene in particular that I could not grasp at and get myself to feel what the character was feeling.  

However, I got a lot of help on the side and everyone was very patient with me. Learning and performing the scene was a major accomplishment for me. It taught me that I could do complicated things if I put my mind to it. And I think that is what experiential learning and traveling someplace new is all about as well. It is putting yourself in a different situation and putting yourself out there to discover new desires. 

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Printed on Friday, June 24, 2022