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Ford Center for the Fine Arts

Teagan Springer

Park Ridge, Illinois

Major in Anthropology/Sociology, Minors in Spanish and Studio Arts

Teagan combines passions for the environment and the arts into her Knox experience.

Teagan Springer, who wears a dark turquoise dress jacket, jeans, and gardening gloves, sits among green plants and cabbage holding beets in left arm.

Teagan is passionate about the environment and sustainability, art, and learning about society and culture and how individuals can make an impact. On campus, Teagan dedicates her time to the Knox Farm and Students for Sustainability. She also is the Student Senate's sustainability chair, takes part in the Knox Peace Corps Preparatory Program, and hopes to pursue study abroad

Do you have a story about a cool experience you've had at Knox?

At the Knox Farm, I work alongside Tina Hope, who is the farm director and the sustainability director. She is really great. I have gone to her workshops about herbalism, tea, and medicine and spoken with her about those subjects on the farm. She taught me how to use a plant to draw out toxins after I got stung by a wasp. Since then, I have been able to help two people with wasp or bee stings because I had that knowledge. I have learned about plants, food, the environment, composting, why we don’t need pesticides, and how nature heals itself. And I have gained a lot of practical experience on the farm. 

Which classes have been influential to your education? 

Some classes at Knox have been inspiring for me in terms of environmental activism. Two of them are environmental studies courses, Food Systems and Environmental Racism. In Food Systems, we learned how something as simple as food is connected to justice and our environment. Knox offers a lot of classes that help you get out of your daily thinking and help you realize things about the world. 

What resources at Knox have you benefited from? 

Living in a suite has been impactful for me, especially coming in as a first-year student during the pandemic. I had a community of people I lived with who were my first friends and I had a very supportive RA who inspired me to become an RA this year. 

Additionally, our art program has been amazing. I have learned so much as an artist. For my art class, I went to Green Oaks, set up my easel, and painted the landscape. It was so gorgeous! I felt like a true Bob Ross. 

What advice do you have for Knox students and prospective Knox students?

Definitely, take whatever classes interest you and get involved. Show up to clubs that sound cool. Don’t be afraid to run for positions or apply for anything. You are important. You do have things to say. People want to listen. You can make a change. Knox is full of fun, creative, supportive people who will really help you figure out who you want to be. 

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Printed on Sunday, June 23, 2024