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A wooden model of a molecule sits on a shelf in Professor Diana Cermak's office.

Marc Spehlmann '15

Graduate Student in Computer Science, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Major in Computer Science, Minor in Chemistry

Through Knox's StartUp Term, Marc and his team created Farmet, which offered customers an easy way to get fresh, locally grown produce.

Marc Spehlmann '15 works on a farm as part of his StartUp Term project to create a new company.

Looking back on StartUp Term, how do you think it benefited your education?

StartUp Term [an immersive term that blends entrepreneurship and software development] opened a completely new avenue for me in that I had not previously considered business as a possible career path. It was an excellent primer for real-world business because much of our business interactions were outside the cushy-ness of a classroom so it allowed you to take some leaps that a classroom might not present.

What's happening to Farmet now that it has stopped taking orders?

We donated 10% of the profits to Knox Prairie Community Kitchen, a local community food organization. Since we are each going our separate ways, we closed our bank account and split the profits evenly.

You were involved in a project with the computer science department this summer. Can you describe what you were working on?

We're researching different ways of distributing large programs on a supercomputer, a process known as task-mapping. It's novel work because the supercomputer topology (how it's wired together) is a new design, and not much has been done in the way of exploring task mapping for it.

How do you think Knox has prepared you for life after graduation?

That's a good question, and it could be the start of an essay. To put it in only so many words, I feel well-rounded.

What are your career plans?

To find a job where I can consistently arrive home at the end of the day feeling accomplished.

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Printed on Saturday, June 15, 2024