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K Club Coordinator Clare Sobon


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Clare Sobon

At Knox Since: 2017

K Club Coordinator

As the new K Club coordinator, Mary Clare Sobon works with alumni and friends of Knox Athletics to create unforgettable experiences for our student-athletes. Sobon's commitment to the program is informed by her own experiences as a student athlete.

K Club Coordinator Clare Sobon

What inspired you to pursue a career in athletics?

I started this journey as a student-athlete at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. I studied public relations and marketing because I knew that these subjects would provide me with the foundation for my career. As a track & field athlete I became interested in different sectors of the sports industry. I then attended graduate school at Georgia State University, where I studied sports administration under the direction of one of the leading female pioneers in sports management, Dr. Brenda Pitts.

How did you find Knox? What surprised you most about the Knox community?

Divine intervention, in short! Immediately after receiving my masters I took the time to research the institutions where I could provide the most support and grow as an individual. At Knox, the people I connected with and the culture of independent thinking were exactly what I was looking for. The support from the Knox faculty and alumni I've met has given me great confidence in the work that I do here.

What surprises me about the Knox community is just how passionate alumni are about their time at Knox. I spoke with many alumni over Homecoming, and their presence instilled a great sense of pride for Knox in me, even though I wasn't an alumna myself. These emotions and experiences are really what make my work thrilling and engaging.

What opportunities and challenges do you see for yourself as you take on this role?

The progress our varsity teams have made in the 2016-2017 seasons has brought the college even closer together as a community. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate how athletics can benefit the entire student body, which for me remains a crucial part of the American college experience. As the K Club Coordinator, I want to shine a light on the experiences of Knox Division III athletes. I know from my own experience that balancing a quality college education with a very active athletic schedule is an incredibly formative experience. Knox student athletes strive for this balance every time they step foot on campus and their respective playing fields. Their unique stories are at the center of my work in growing the K Club and all the benefits that it has for our students.

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Printed on Sunday, April 22, 2018