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Jim Saranteas '91


Majors in Economics and Business Administration

Jim is creator and primary writer of, a fantasy football advice site.

Profile photo of Jim Saranteas '91, founder of

How did you get started in the fantasy sports business?

By accident. I practiced 13 1/2 years as a successful litigation attorney. I had to step away from the practice to tend to family matters full time. I had already been writing about fantasy football for friends and acquaintances on the side for fun and relaxation. We built the website as it is today to accommodate the many followers I developed over time. Now the site has around 15 contributing writers, many more followers than I ever dreamed we could have, is an Affiliate Partner of the USA Today Sports Media Group, and publishes an annual draft magazine on Amazon that has been both a #1 seller and a #1 new release in the fantasy sports space.

How did your experience at Knox prepare you for what you're doing today?

Knox helped teach me how to learn. Knox helped teach me to ask questions. Knox helped teach me to challenge myself. Knox helped teach me to not settle. These were important things Knox helped do for me because there is not a thing I have done professionally where I stopped learning, especially as a lawyer and also as a business person. 

Knox students have contribute as writers to the site. Have you been please with their work?

If I can say one thing, they [Knox students] are still as well prepared as we were to write. They've been some of the best so far.

For all those up-and-coming fantasy writers, and all writers for that matter, what words of wisdom would you give them on their own journey in this field of work?

To write every day and never settle on your writing. It can always be better. Write, edit, and repeat. The best writers are the best editors. Strive to be understood above all.

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Printed on Sunday, December 10, 2023