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Margery Rosen Kraus is the founder and CEO of APCO Worldwide


Office of Communications

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401



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Margery Rosen Kraus '67

Founder and CEO, APCO Worldwide

Alumni Achievement Award Winner

In just two decades, Margery has grown her one-person business into one of the largest privately owned communication and public affairs firms in the world.

Margery Rosen Kraus is the founder and CEO of APCO Worldwide

Describe your Knox experience.

I found Knox to be the perfect balance between a great learning environment and a friendly campus. I found that the nature and size of the classes pushed me academically and forced me to work hard to do my best, which was an important life lesson. I was impressed by the professors and liked the fact that I could get to know them informally, which made me more interested in my work.

How has that experience affected your life?

When you are from a town of 3,000 people more than 1,000 miles away, arriving at Knox was a very big deal. I think the values of the school and the sense of community it builds made a big impact on my life. It taught me self reliance, a sense of personal responsibility, and challenged my thinking. I became interested in political science and politics for the first time, which became the basis of my career. I now run a very large communication and public affairs firm, but my interest began at Knox.

What do you believe is your most notable achievement?

Creating a global business with almost 500 people from scratch is a very big achievement in my life, and I suppose one might think that is the most notable achievement; however, what has been important to me is that I have been able to build a company, the majority of which is owned by its employees, that is considered a great place to work, which makes me feel even better about the accomplishment.

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Printed on Tuesday, September 26, 2023