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Ellynn Rolett '16


Office of Communications

2 East South Street

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Ellynn Rolett

Peoria Heights, Illinois

Biology Major, Religious Studies Minor, Senior

As Unit Leader at Juniper Knoll Girl Scout Camp, Rolett helped design two week-long programs that encouraged the campers to explore STEM fields.

Ellynn Rolett '16

Describe your job.

This is my second summer working as a Unit Leader at Juniper Knoll Girl Scout Camp in East Troy, Wisconsin. In the year in between summer sessions my roommate, Alice Sherlock '15, and I worked with the director of Juniper Knoll and the director of outdoor programming to write two week-long programs with a focus in science, technology, mathematics, and engineering. We made a program called STEM Starters for second and third graders, and a program called My STEM Story for fourth and fifth graders. This summer I have helped supervise these two and many other programs. On a weekly basis, I lead sessions of Dove (a positive body image program) and BFF: Be Friends First (an anti-bullying program) and nature exploration. I am also responsible for coordinating the schedules of all of the programs in my unit, scheduling and covering breaks, and mentoring four unit counselors.

How do you think this experience will benefit you as you look toward your future?

As a staff member at camp, I have been the sole provider for 10 to 20 girls for weeks. I have gained a better appreciation for the wide variety of backgrounds that people come from. I have also developed time management and conflict resolution skills that can only come with keeping to a schedule every day and communicating with people that you live and work with.

What inspired you to pursue this job?

I saw a need for more leadership at camp and that is why I stepped into the Unit Leader position. As for writing the STEM programs, Alice and I saw a need for more young girls interested in the sciences. We have had campers tell us that science is for boys or big kids and that was so sad for us to hear. We wanted to change that.

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Printed on Saturday, January 18, 2020