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Antonio Prado

Professor of Modern Languages (Spanish)

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401-4999



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Antonio Prado

At Knox Since: 2000

Associate Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures (Spanish)

This December, Prado will take a group of students to Spain to study Spanish Civil War exiles and will cross the Pyrennes, just as the exiles did.

Antonio Prado, Associate Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures (Spanish)

Why Knox?

I came to Knox completely by chance.  My wife was hired first and Knox happened to need a second person in the Spanish department.  Small Liberal Arts Colleges was a completely foreign concept to me since these kinds of schools don't exist in Spain.  Once I understood the mission and concept, I was inspired and impressed by three things: the collegiality across departments, the opportunities for  interdisciplinary, and the chance to define my niche and incorporate it  into my classes.

What is your most memorable moment at Knox?

I would have to say it's been the delight I have felt on occasion when reading a student's final research paper or final exam. There are students that just really work so hard and get at the core of the issue in a brilliant and novel way.

Describe your current research.

I am following Spanish Civil War exiles by reading their memoirs from when they literally walked away from Spain when it turned fascist. Many ended up in France, and for that reason, this summer I will be doing an intensive French language program in Toulouse. Much of the research on these exiles is written in French. Knox has been wonderfully generous in allowing me to follow through with this research project. This December, I will be taking  a group of students to Spain to see these sites and we will cross the Pyrennes just as the exiles did.

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Printed on Saturday, June 22, 2024