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Pochodylo now works with Sun Records in Tennessee.


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Laura Pochodylo '14

Goodlettsville, Tennessee

Double major in English Literature and American Studies

Laura, an English literature and American studies double major, now works with historical label Sun Records in Tennessee.

Pochodylo now works with Sun Records in Tennessee.

What was your major and why did you choose it?
I double majored in English literature and American studies. I chose English because I liked writing and the analytical side of the English degree was really interesting to me. I added on my American studies major partway through my time at Knox because I really loved the history courses I was taking.

What work are you doing now?
I am the digital streaming manager at Sun Records in Nashville.

How do you apply your major to your work?
Sun Records is a historic record label. We work with a lot of music from the 1950s and the 1960s. Knowing the historical context behind those has been really helpful. Research skills are very important. I also do a lot of writing at my job so I'm really grateful for my English background.

How did you go from Knox to where you are now?
I graduated early from Knox to move to Nashville and start a job at the Grand Ole Opry. That job was a stage show multiple times a week that was simultaneously broadcast live on the radio. I worked on the digital marketing team there. 

My internships and the things I did during my time at Knox helped me jump right into the working world. After the Opry, I worked for myself for about five years doing web development and marketing projects, including helping to develop the Before Knox website project with Cate Denial. Now, I've been at Sun Records for about a year and a half. I think this is a credit to Knox as well: I combined my different skills to figure out what I like to do. 

What brought you to Knox?
I was a legacy student. My grandfather graduated from Knox in 1939, my great-uncle graduated from Knox in 1936, and my uncle graduated from Knox in 1971. I never actually knew any of these relatives, but I found old Knox yearbooks from the ’30s from my grandpa, and then I ended up Googling the school. 

What were you involved in at Knox? 
I was very involved in Greek life. I was president of Delta Delta Delta. I was also a Knox student ambassador. I also volunteered around campus a lot. I worked in the Office of Communications, which I loved. Those connections became really helpful as I was working on my own. I work with a lot of the professional connections I made there.

Is there anything from your Knox experience that stands out as particularly influential?
I would say I still think about the things that I've learned in some of my history classes. I think the biggest impact were two particular classes, History of Marriage and History of Birth Control and Reproduction in the US, which I took with Cate Denial, Bright Distinguished Professor and Chair of American History. Those courses, unfortunately, have only become more relevant as time has passed, but opened my eyes to a new way of thinking that definitely sticks with me.

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Printed on Wednesday, September 27, 2023