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Tyrell Pierce

Auburn, Alabama

Major in Psychology

Tyrell, a two-sport student-athlete, has made connections at Knox that are helping him pursue a career as an occupational therapist.

Tyrell Pierce plays football and runs track at Knox.

You have a cool hobbymaking motivational videos. What kind of speeches and content do you put in these videos?

I make motivational videos because it’s something that brings me happiness. Not only am I trying to motivate others, but I’m also motivating myself. My videos are for athletes to keep them pushing and aiming for their goals. 

Why are you pursuing a career as an occupational therapist?

Growing up, I always wanted to help others in some way. When I found out about the opportunities Knox College offers with the occupational therapy (OT) program, I decided to become an occupational therapist. 

What kind of opportunities are there with the OT program?

Knox has this 3-2 program with Washington University in St. Louis. You do three years at Knox and then two years at Washington University. So I’ll be getting my master’s in five years. At Knox, there are a number of requirements to complete, and courses to take, in order to do the 3-2 OT program. I’ve made some great connections to people in the OT field through some connections at Knox.

What brought you to Knox?

Big shoutout to Derrick Jackson ’22. He was my overnight tour guide, and I had a very great conversation with him. Also, the coaching staff played a big part because they treated me like family. I was very comfortable with both the track and football coaches, and it just felt right. 

What opportunities and experiences have you had here at Knox that particularly stand out to you?

I think the opportunity I've had here at Knox that stands out was working for the communications team in the Office of Communications. I was able to do things that brought me out of my shell and presented a side that most people don’t see. An experience that stands out is that I am able to be an athlete in two sports. 

What do you do in communications?

I started off as a cameraman going around campus taking pictures. Then I got asked to do TikToks for the Knox TikTok account. Later, they asked me to do social media coverage for sporting events. So mainly TikToks and social media coverage.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

I’m the biggest J Cole fan ever, and my nickname is Waffle House.

Is there a story behind your nickname? 

It started in the beginning of my senior year in high school, when one of my football teammates called me Waffle House during a 7v7 game. I play wide receiver in football so basically it means I’m open 24/7 on the field just like the actual food place, Waffle House. 

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Printed on Sunday, July 14, 2024