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Ginger Phelps at her marketing communications internship in Chicago.


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Ginger Phelps '18

Waukegan, Illinois

Major in Economics, Minors in Business & Management and Statistics

Ginger is sharpening her professional skills while preparing for a career in marketing.

Ginger Phelps at her marketing communications internship in Chicago.

Describe your experience.

I work for a marketing company called Connections Marketing, where the vice president is a Knox College alumni. I helped create content for websites and apps, and wrote case studies for other companies and blogs. I also attended meetings with Connections Marketing clients.

How do you see this experience having an impact on your future plans?

I received a hands-on education about how big corporations function on a daily basis. I also learned a lot about how the workforce has been changing throughout the years and how to effectively prepare myself for life after graduation. This internship taught me a lot of the skills I will need to pursue a career in marketing.

How did Knox help you get this internship?

Professor John Spittell had Rick Rivero '00, the vice president of Connections Marketing, give a presentation in his class. Hearing the presentation and learning about this opportunity really pushed me to apply for the position. The Bastian Family Career Center also helped me with this internship by going over my resume and making sure it showed that I was professional and qualified.

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Printed on Saturday, April 1, 2023