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Neerav Sharma Nepali

Kathmandu, Nepal

Computer Science Major, Music Theory and Composition Minor

As studio director of the Knox radio station, WVKC, Neerav hosts recording sessions for student musicians and artists and creates his own music.

Neerav, in a black t-shirt and wearing black headphones, sits in front of DJ soundboard with a black, brown guitar next to a microphone.

What does a typical week look like for you? 

Throughout the week I create my own music. I produce hip-hop/rap beats, EDM, instrumentals, and I make my own guitar and piano samples. I spend 15 to 30 minutes a day creating a new music piece or working on a project I have started. Music gives me a space where I can express my ideas and experiment with different sounds and instruments. It clears my head and keeps me motivated for the week. 

What makes WVKC special to you? 

WVKC is a team. Working along with such talented people really makes WVKC special to me. Planning, organizing, and learning from the process is a very big opportunity. Plus, all the events are well planned out to engage more audiences. Coming from an international background, I think WVKC has always been welcoming to me and many other students with diverse backgrounds.

Plus, WVKC has been around for a very long time. I hear current professors and alumni from Knox talk about their radio shows that happened decades ago and that's always nice to hear. 

What will a typical WVKC radio show look like? 

DJs may play their favorite playlists or talk about the songs on their playlist. Some DJs have podcasts to talk about relatable content or invite their friends as guest speakers. I have not yet hosted a radio show myself, but I am looking forward to hosting one next term and basing it on music creativity. 

What advice do you have for prospective Knox students? 

Being at a college like Knox provides a lot of opportunities that you can explore every day. Although being in a trimester system might be overwhelming, keeping yourself involved in various activities will really help you gain experience and learn time management. I would recommend taking courses that you find interesting even if they are not related to your intended major. Speak to other students to learn about courses and activities around campus. There are also a lot of other clubs and organizations like WVKC that you can be a part of. 

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Printed on Wednesday, June 12, 2024