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A closeup of a students art work.

Trey Morrison '96

Downers Grove, IL

Major in Chemistry

Trey works as an engineering consultant solving technical problems such as risk analysis and failure analysis.

Trey while traveling in Rio. Trey is an engineering consultant for Exponent.

What was your major? Why did you choose that?

Chemistry. I chose that because I wanted to become a chemical engineer and liked chemistry and math. 

What work are you doing now?

I am an engineering consultant for a company called Exponent. I solve complex technical problems. My work typically surrounds fires, explosions, chemical process incidents, failure, hazard, and risk analysis. I do a lot of investigation and failure analysis.

How do you apply your major to your work today?

Chemistry is inherent in a lot of chemical engineering problems, but it’s only one of the scientific disciplines that go into the engineering world. 

How did you go from Knox to where you are now? How did Knox help you get there?

From Knox, I went to Oklahoma State University to get a master’s in chemical engineering. My undergraduate research at Knox, as well as my freedom and ownership of my academic career, were very helpful in my transition to grad school. 

What brought you to Knox?

I’m originally from Oklahoma. I played football and I wanted to go to a smaller school. I had a friend who went to Knox and he sort of recruited me. He gave my information to the head coach and once I visited, I liked the people and the atmosphere and the opportunities. I felt comfortable there.

What were you involved in at Knox? 

I played football. I was in the chemistry club, a member of Beta Theta Pi, and I played club lacrosse for a few years. 

Is there anything from your Knox experience that stands out as particularly influential?

Coach Oberembt was great, as well as Larry Welch, Clara A. Abbott Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, and Bob Kooser, Philip Sidney Post Professor of Chemistry. My activities in the fraternity and the fellowship were also very influential. 

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Printed on Sunday, July 14, 2024