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Sherry visits Niagara Falls after the McNair research conference


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Sherry Mei '20

Chicago, Illinois

Major in Biology, minors in Anthropology & Sociology and Health Studies

Through her McNair research, Sherry studied fruit flies and presented her work at a national conference.

Sherry visits Niagara Falls after the McNair research conference

Each year, the McNair Program selects 10 sophomores who work with faculty mentors through their senior year to develop academic and research projects.

Tell us about your research?

My research is about gene expression in transgenic fruit flies. I dissect and take images of fruit flies with green fluorescent proteins in them. Wherever the body part of the fly glows, that is the part of the fly that I am studying. I took this opportunity because not many people have researched gene expression in transgenic fruit flies.

What made you decide to become a McNair scholar?

I was recommended by a couple of professors. I was not too familiar with research or graduate school and I knew that McNair would support me through the process.

What learning experience do you think most helped you prepare for graduate school?

The whole process of forming a proposal and finding a mentor was helpful because it allowed me to understand what type of relationship I needed to have with my mentor in order to produce my best work.

This research experience will definitely help me with my senior research. I know more and feel more prepared to do research. I also formed some great relationships with my McNair cohort and my adviser who I know will support me.

Image at top of story: Sherry at Niagara Fall following the national McNair Conference. Pictured in gallery: Sherry examining a fly under a microscope; an image of a fly under the microscope, and a fly embryo. 

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Printed on Sunday, February 23, 2020