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Mohammad is a software engineering intern at NAEIR, and an incoming associate technical consultant at SAS Institute.

Mohammad Kamran '19

Richardson, Texas

Majors in Computer Science and Economics

Mohammad is a software engineering intern at a local nonprofit and has accepted a position as associate technical consultant for SAS Institute after graduation.

Mohammad is a software engineering intern at NAEIR, and an incoming associate technical consultant at SAS Institute.

What is your role at NAEIR?

I am a software engineering intern at NAEIR, a non-profit organization in Galesburg that helps distribute excess inventory from large companies to schools, churches, and other nonprofit groups. My main responsibilities are to write code to support our administrative desktop application for employees and to develop important functionality for our mobile app, which includes security features and user interface.

What prepared you for the internship?

I arrived at Knox intending to be on the pre-med track while majoring in economics. Soon after my first year, I decided to forgo the pre-med track and began to pursue my interest in computer science. By the time I had finished the introductory courses and the applied data structures class, I had left my comfort zone and was ready to tackle more challenges, such as the ones presented to me at NAEIR. As I began to take more advanced computer science courses, I also found an interest in mobile application development. This interest led me to research different technologies in the field.

Describe a memorable class and the impact it had on you.

The most memorable class I took at Knox was CS 332: Software Engineering. It was a project-based course where students got into teams and developed some sort of virtual reality experience. My team and I developed a virtual reality flight experience game where the user would take control of an F-16 fighter jet and would shoot tanks on the ground in an open world map.

This experience was highly memorable due to the fact that I had no prior experience with virtual reality nor game design. However, my team and I were able to successfully complete the game through the help of Professor Monica McGill. Taking this class helped me develop skills that later prepared me for a job interview at SAS Institute, which is one of the largest private software companies in the world. I am very thankful for the computer science department for preparing and equipping me with important skills that have allowed me to be successful at NAEIR and will continue to help me at SAS.

What activities do you participate in on campus?

I am one of the co-founders of the UNICEF chapter at Knox and am a member of Gentlemen of Quality. Both of these experiences have kept me involved and engaged with a diverse body of Knox students who brought a multitude of experiences, unique backgrounds, and interests. 

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Printed on Sunday, April 5, 2020