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Cassidy Jones '16

Program Coordinator, Oregon Climate

Majors in Environmental Science and International Relations

Cassidy is helping with environmental advocacy and outreach for sustainable climate policies at Oregon Climate.

Cassidy Jones '16 at Commencement rehearsal.

What will you be doing in your new job?

I work at Oregon Climate, a grassroots organization that mobilizes and empowers millennials to organize around inclusive, science-based climate policy through creative civic engagement. As the program coordinator, I oversee interns' lobby, field, and communication efforts and plan fun programming, such as a retreat we'll hold in the Mt. Hood National Forest next month.

How did your Knox experience influence where you are today?

While at Knox, I learned how to look at problems from many perspectives. Being able to adopt or understand a different point of view is vital to creative problem solving. I feel like Knox opened my eyes to engaging with the community as a career.

Why did you choose Knox?

It was the only school that upon visiting felt like home—despite it being the only school I visited that wasn't in my home state. I also chose Knox because of how easy it is to study abroad.

Tell us about a memorable Knox experience.

As part of the environmental studies major, student are required to take an ethics-related course. To fill this requirement I took Environmental Racism, as many students in the major do. I came from a rural Oregon town and as a white person in a predominantly white community, there were few opportunities to discuss race-related issues. Framing this discussion of race and equity around the environment was eye-opening and humbling. It's been an honor to listen to the struggles of my peers. The class, but mostly the discussions, perspectives, and experiences of my classmates, motivated me to work in the environmental field to drive measurable change for those most negatively affected by climate change.

What surprised you the most about your Knox experience?

Knox taught me the value in taking a chance. Roadblocks are really just a detour to a new opportunity or friendship waiting to be formed. I'm most surprised by how hard it is to let go of this place. Despite my initial reluctance to let the prairie and cornfields into my heart, they've latched on more than I care to admit and I will be taking the long, long road to alma mater whenever I can. The moments when my heart swelled with pride for this place, and for my classmates, were numberless.

Cassidy was a Residential Advisor, a member of the sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma, Red Room Captain and Tutor, danced in the Terpsichore Dance Collective, and participated as a member in Mortar Board and Order of Omega honor societies. She also studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark, during her junior year.

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Printed on Sunday, July 14, 2024