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Corey Heppner '10

Interim Director, Knox Jazz Ensemble

Major in Music

Corey received his masters in jazz studies from Portland State University, teaching and playing jazz and hip hop in the Pacific Northwest before returning to Knox.

Corey Heppner is a Jazz Studies Graduate Student at Portland State University.

How has your Knox experience affected the course of your life?

Being at Knox gave me the most fun, mysterious, and exciting adventure I've ever had. The high value on imagination and human-connectedness that the Knox community seems to breathe daily has changed me for the better, almost leaving me with a "message" to carry on the rest of my life.

How has your Knox experience had an impact on your career?

It was at Knox that my experience with jazz music began, and I credit it as the cradle of my creative growth as an artist of original "American" music. The jazz department is extremely supportive and instills the values of "good" music and how to relate with fellow musicians in the hearts of its students. Being able to play every week at McGillacuddy's, connecting with other members of the community—be them students, teachers, or fellow musicians—was one of the most gratifying and affective experiences in my life that has shaped how I approach my professional career now.

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Printed on Sunday, June 16, 2024