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Alec Hegg '20
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Alec Hegg '20

East Lansing, Michigan

Major in Chemistry, Minors in Biochemistry and Spanish

Alec will be pursuing a Ph.D. in Chemistry at Yale University.

Alec Hegg '20

Please tell us what you plan to do after graduating from Knox, and what you're working on now.

After graduating from Knox this spring, I will be pursuing a Ph.D. in chemistry at Yale University. I'm currently working on finishing up my senior year and completing my Honors project in Helen Hoyt's lab.

Describe your time at Knox and the impact you anticipate your education will have on your after-Knox life.

My time at Knox has been amazing, and the relationships that you are able to develop with other students and faculty make the entire experience better. The education that I received here has given me a strong foundation to be successful anywhere because I have been taught critical thinking skills, how to think through problems, and how to evaluate information.

Can you describe a favorite memory or two from your time at Knox?

I obviously have to mention having fun on Flunk Day, spending the whole day relaxing outside and having fun. Then another would be traveling with the Frisbee team and balling out with them all weekend at tournaments.

Can you mention some faculty or staff members that had a particularly positive or meaningful influence on you?

I'd say that my mentor Helen Hoyt has had a strong influence on me the past few years as I've been working in her lab, in helping me to better explain my research and articulate my thoughts. Professor Cermak and Professor Welch have also been wonderful, they've been influential in developing my interests within chemistry, helped me with research at times, and always had time for a conversation.

Why is Knox important to you?

I'd say that Knox is important to me because of the strong sense of community that you develop with students and faculty. That's something that you don't get at a larger school, and even among small liberal arts schools, Knox does a great job of building a community, and the students all embrace it, which is cool.

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Printed on Monday, November 29, 2021