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Andrew Hand

Woodhull, IL

Majors: Business Management and Economics

Knox is a perfect fit for Andrew. His community college credits transferred easily and he found majors that met his interests.

Why did you transfer to Knox? 

After speaking with Professor Gomer, I found Knox to be the perfect fit for me. I was very excited to hear what Knox could offer me for my major and minor. I was surprised by the family feeling I got when I was on campus, everyone was so nice and sociable. My credits from Carl Sandburg transferred very well. For me, it was the best fit!

What professor should a new student absolutely take a class with?

I suggest taking a class with Professor Spittell or Professor Gomer. The valuable insights you will gain towards the topic of business, in general, is something I believe you will not gain at any other college. These two professors have a passion that they are excited to share with their students and I completed their classes with a feeling that I gained more than I had ever hoped to.

How did you pick your major?

I picked my major in high school, knowing my love for math and finance. I took an accounting class and enjoyed it. It is a perfect fit for me.

What are some surprisingly cool things about Galesburg?

I grew up only 15 miles from Galesburg so I am not new to the area. However, I think the coolest thing about Galesburg would be the Knox campus. During my campus visit, I was shocked by pretty much everything the campus had to offer. I had never really visited Knox and was surprised at the buildings and how Knox seems to be its own little village hidden away in a city I grew up near. I am very excited to be on campus.

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Printed on Saturday, June 22, 2024