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Elijah Crump

Chicago, Illinois

Major in Integrated Business and Management

Elijah was connected to an internship opportunity in finance, his field of interest, through a meeting with a Knox alumnus.

Elijah Crump '22 working from home.

Elijah Crump '22 has been working as a summer intern on the asset management team at Alyeska Investment Group in Chicago, Illinois.

How did you hear about the opportunity at Alyeska Investment Group?

I heard about it through this organization called the Greenwood Project, which introduces Black and Latinx students to the financial industry. They connected me to multiple financial institutions, and this summer, they helped me land the internship at Alyeska Investment group. It’s been a great experience.

Can you talk more about the Greenwood Project?

I found it through a Knox alum when I went to an alumni event. Donald [Harris ‘17] introduced me to the Greenwood Project. They are introducing Black and Latinx students to the financial industry. It’s like a pipeline to the finance industry for Black and Latinx students because typically we don't see people like us in those positions. What I’ve been doing for the past two summers is speaking with Black and Latinx financial professionals. That’s really encouraging to see because you can’t be what you can’t see. They preach that, as well, and it’s really true. I’ve gotten a great education there, and they’ve always made sure we have a lot of resources necessary to learn more about the financial market and the financial industry. We have a bunch of people to talk to in the financial industry so it definitely has been a great experience. 

Tell us about your internship. What exactly are your responsibilities in this internship? Are you part of a specific team?

I’m a part of the asset management team, and my responsibilities throughout the day are to do research on various companies, equities, and build reports, sometimes income statements for the firm. Most of the time, I’m doing a lot of research just because I’m an intern so I’m not actually handling money right now, but I'm learning a lot and giving information to the people handling the money.

A really interesting company that I covered was Lifestance Health Group. They interested me because I had to do research and choose out of a group of 10 health care stocks which one I thought would stand out. I chose Lifestance because they focus on mental health, which is big in today’s society. 

Do you know yet what you'd like to do after Knox? Do you think this internship is helping with your career plans? If yes, how?

I think it’s definitely helping me. Initially coming to Knox, I thought of studying business, but I was thinking more about marketing. This program introduced me to the financial industry, and it’s something I definitely have been interested in. This is something I want to do so I would say equity research is the route I am leaning towards right now. This internship is going to give me a lot of experience and information I need to apply to my personal life as well.

What are some main takeaways from your experience?

I would say, the first thing is time management. As an intern, there’s not a lot of looking over my shoulder so I’m doing most research on my own, I’m building these reports, I am doing all these by myself. I might reach out if I need to ask a question, but it’s definitely taught me how to manage my time. It’s different from college. 

How did Knox prepare you for this opportunity?

The fact is that at Knox we get a lot of work, so I feel like it’s preparing me for the real world. We actually have to manage work, and it feels like as much work as college is, which is weird, but the workload that Knox gives us is definitely an advantage when you’re going to the new world because you’ll be prepared for anything.  

Are there any Knox professors or classes that have had a significant impact on your experience?

I’d definitely say John Spittell and Jeffrey Gomer have pretty much had a big impact on me. 

A lot of times in class, Spittell is talking about his past business experiences, and it’s always inspired me because one day I want to own my own business as well. Just being able to be in class with someone who has run a business, and for them to be able to express and talk about how that went for them and be so open about it has definitely been helpful when thinking about the planning process. 

I just love Gomer as a teacher because he’s very light-hearted, easy to talk to, to be around, and he’s knowledgeable. Very appreciative of them both.

On-campus, Elijah is a member of the men’s basketball team, a peer career leader, and a general member of A.B.L.E.

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Printed on Saturday, June 15, 2024