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Kaitlyn Cashdollar

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Major in Classical Languages and Minor in Archaeology

Kaitlyn is an enthusiastic learner who has made the best of the opportunities at Knox.

Kaitlyn Cashdollar ’24

What is your major and why did you choose it?  

I am a classical language major who started out as an English major. I switched to classics mainly because, in my first year, I took Myth and Modern as my first-year preceptorial. I also took Latin for my language credit because I thought it would be interesting to study. Being someone who loves learning, I fell in love with the classical world and I wanted to dig deeper and gain more knowledge in this area of study. After that, there was no other path that I wanted to take. Studying abroad only helped reinforce my decision. 

Where did you study abroad and how did you find the experience? 

I had the opportunity to take two different study abroad courses, both of them in my junior year. The first program was based in Rome, which was perfect for me as a classical languages major. I learned a great deal about classics as we toured around Rome. Seeing the city in person after reading and learning about it was a magical experience. The classes I took for the program taught me a great deal about the architecture and the monuments in Rome. One of the best parts about this course was that I had the opportunity to be around like-minded people. I spent time with people who shared my love and interest in this niche world of classics. 

The second program was in Athens. The experience I had with this program was different from the first, largely because the group was much larger—about more than 130 people as compared to the 20-person group in Rome. The classes were more diverse and varied and you didn’t really need to be a classics major to appreciate the course. During my time in Athens, I had the opportunity to travel independently during breaks. Over the course of the time I spent abroad, I visited friends in Sweden, Budapest, and Dublin. It was amazing. I also didn’t have classes on Fridays, allowing me to backpack around the city and discover it at my own pace. I think the best part about studying abroad—apart from learning this ridiculous amount of information that I loved every aspect of—is that it opened up an avenue to be more independent and to make more informed decisions. I think studying abroad has definitely helped me grow as a person. 

What is one experience at Knox that was particularly meaningful to you? 

I think the best part of my experience at Knox was the archaeological survey I undertook at Green Oaks over the summer. As an archaeology minor, it was great to have the experience of a field school in my pocket to apply for more competitive programs across the world. It was very physically demanding, but it gave me the opportunity to learn about North American archaeology, which is something I didn't have much experience in. We also went to the Dickson Mounds State Museum, where we met with the curator who explained Native American archaeology. The program was spread across four weeks. The first week was spent discovering and understanding the area better, while the following weeks required us to actually do some digging. We were able to find pieces of chert, which is a stone used by Native Americans to make their pointed tools. During my Green Oaks experience, I met people I wouldn’t have expected to meet because we didn't have any classes or activities together on campus. It really gives you another perspective on what you are doing.

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Printed on Thursday, April 25, 2024