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Harry Carpenter works hard with a team of students at Knox.


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Harry Carpenter '18

Oak Park, Illinois

Major in Computer Science, Minors in Business and Management and Economics

Harry spent his summer doing research for the Knox Department of Computer Science, testing the efficiency of computer systems.

Harry Carpenter works hard with a team of students at Knox.

Describe your research experience.

Our research area is in super computing, which is used for some applications such as weather prediction. Specifically, we are researching the SlimFly topology used for supercomputers. In computing, a topology describes the arrangement of a computer network. We run supercomputer simulations on Java, a computer programming language, to measure the efficiency of the SlimFly topology, and our goal is to have it run faster than previous topologies such as DragonFly.

On our team, four students (including me) write, debug, and refactor code, and three students write proofs to prove the efficiency of the SlimFly topology. Currently, I am testing the code to make sure the network routing algorithm performance matches the results in research papers.

Our mentor, David Bunde, who is the chair of the computer science department, oversees our progress, and provides us with assistance.

How has Knox helped you prepare for this opportunity?

Before this summer, I took six computer science classes. Since I am working with a major computer program, having taken these courses was necessary for understanding, debugging, refactoring, and writing the code. Additionally, these classes gave me a solid background in computer science for me to understand some of the theoretical concepts involved with the research.

How did Knox help make this opportunity possible?

Professor Bunde offered me this exciting opportunity. I have had the pleasure of taking three computer science classes with him, and I appreciate his openness to helping students succeed. 

I received funding support from the Richter Memorial Scholarship Program to pay for my summer housing.

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Printed on Friday, July 19, 2019