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Elizabeth Carlin-Metz

Smith V. Brand Distinguished Professor of Theatre; Chair of Arts Administration

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401



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A view of the Gizmo patio from above.

Elizabeth Carlin-Metz

At Knox Since: 1995

Smith V. Brand Endowed Chair in Theatre Arts

As a stage director in both the profession and academia, Carlin-Metz is delighted by theatre that is visceral, provocative, and challenging.

Elizabeth Carlin-Metz, Smith V. Brand Endowed Chair in Theatre Arts, at a rehearsal

Why Knox?

It is the place where a professor is a person and a part of the fabric of the life of the institution. Knox is a living reflection of the people who live and work here creating community and learning alongside one another.

How has interacting with students affected your own academic interests and research?

Knox students work courageously to embrace the risks that being creative demand and thus they advance my understanding of human emotion and the ability to inhabit another persona.

Can you give an example of a Knox graduate who has gone on to do interesting things?

There are so many: Ross Kelly who thought he was going to film school at CalArts and has ended up helping to run an orphanage in South Sudan; Krista Anne Nordgren who has opened an entrepreneurial business with her sisters to promote original artists on a thriving website; Eden Newmark who is finishing an M.S. in social work with which she plans to work with at-risk teens in anger and emotion impulse management via yoga; Jason Cascio who finished a Ph.D. in cellular research working on diabetes and Parkinson's disease and who is now planning to go to medical school so that he is not isolated in a lab; Heather Courtney who has an M.S. and works with autistic young adults; Don Harmon, lawyer and state senator; Monica Berlin and Cyn Kitchen, published authors and members of the faculty in creative writing, etc. etc. etc.

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Printed on Sunday, June 16, 2024