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Alexander Burik is pursuing his masters degree in Germany


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A wooden model of a molecule sits on a shelf in Professor Diana Cermak's office.

Alexander Burik '14

Research Fellow, Frankfurt Initiative for Regenerative Medicine

Majors in Biochemistry and Neuroscience

Building on his Knox experiences, Alexander is researching limb regeneration at the Frankfurt Initiative for Regenerative Medicine in Germany.

Alexander Burik is pursuing his masters degree in Germany

What are you doing now?

During my last year at Knox, I applied for research grants to work at the Frankfurt Initiative for Regenerative Medicine in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Recently, I have attended laboratory meetings and will be involved in their research on limb regeneration over the course of the next year. After that, I plan to apply for master's programs in the biological sciences in Germany.

Tell us about a memorable class, experience, professor, assignment and what you learned?

The biochemistry classes I have taken with Professor Janet Kirkley have been the most demanding academic experience I have had at Knox, and provided me with a strong foundation that proved invaluable when I worked at the Molecular Hematology Laboratory at the University Clinic, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Is there a professor that has had a significant impact on you?

Every professor I have studied with at Knox has had their own personal impact on my education and my life. Catherine Denial's American History courses helped me develop a more critical approach to reading historical sources and gave me a multifaceted perspective on the nation's heritage. Gregory Gilbert's Art History opened my eyes to the world of the visual arts. Jeremy and Sarah Day-O'Connell's Music Theory and Introduction to Music courses have given me a heightened aesthetic appreciation of the many ways in which music can be heard, and have made me a more active listener. Looking back, the most important parts of my Knox experience were the relationships I formed with professors. My professors welcomed me into their offices and this allowed me obtain a fuller understanding of material covered in class. Additionally, the opportunity to delve into the arts as well as the sciences I had at Knox has embellished my life beyond mere career preparation and has deepened my love for playing music.

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Printed on Sunday, August 7, 2022