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Raeann Boero '17

Fulbright Fellow Teaching Assistantship in Malaysia

Major in Anthropology & Sociology, Minors in Environmental Studies and Japanese

Raeann is teaching art and music in addition to English language in Malaysia as a Fulbright Fellow.

Raeann Boero '17--a student who recently recieved a Fulbright Fellowship Award.

Why did you decide to teach abroad?

I don't have a lot of teaching experience, but I've always enjoyed working with children. I also love to travel and experience different cultures. I was interested in this particular program because of the opportunity to travel to South East Asia and because of the Malaysia's unique culture. This program also didn't require you to know the language before coming to Malaysia. This was important to me because learning other languages is something I work at, but struggle with. However, I will make a sincere effort to learn the language. This program also has the opportunity to work with afterschool programs in addition to teaching English. The chance to teach art or music helped seal the deal.

Are there any specific parts of your Knox experience that helped prepare you to be a Fulbright Fellow?

Through Knox I have had many opportunities to travel and experience other cultures. I did Japan Term, I had a environmental service internship in India through the career center, and I studied abroad in Costa Rica through the Global Studies Center. These programs have taught me what it means to be a global citizen and how to be culturally sensitive and aware when traveling and living in other countries, and most importantly, how to communicate with people that are different from myself. Volunteering with APO and working for the Kleine Center for Community Service has given me ample opportunity to work with children. Likewise my classes in the Japanese Department will hopefully help learning another non-romantic language not seem so intimidating.

At Knox, Boero played trumpet in the Knox Jazz Ensemble and New Orleans Jazz Combo. She was a member of APO and worked at the Kleine Center for Community Service and for CASA of West Central Illinois.

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Printed on Sunday, June 16, 2024