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Meredith Beck is a diver on the Prairie Fire swimming and diving team.


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Meredith Beck '20

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Major in Art History, Self-Designed Minor in Museum Studies

Meredith is a student, athlete, and activist.

Meredith Beck is a diver on the Prairie Fire swimming and diving team.

At the 2018 Midwest Conference Swimming & Diving Championships, Meredith Beck placed fourth in the women's 1m diving with a score of 346.55, setting a new school record.

Why diving?

I started out as a gymnast for several years and then in middle school transitioned to diving. That's pretty common for a lot of divers because it gives you a good basis for the sport. I dove all throughout middle school and high school with both a club team and the school. Diving is such a unique sport and I really like that there is always something new to learn or work on. It's beautiful and graceful and yet it's really physically demanding at the same time.

What is the student-athlete experience like at Knox?

Being a student-athlete is a lot to juggle, but in my opinion totally worth it. I like the structure it gives to my day.

Why did you choose Knox?

I chose Knox for a lot of reasons, but mainly that when I visited for the first time the faculty and professors I met with really made me feel like the things I wanted to accomplish could be accomplished here. Study abroad was very important to me and a lot of places I visited said no I couldn't study abroad a full year or no I couldn't do an internship abroad and Knox immediately said yes and gave me options of how to do those things on the spot. In addition, I came in looking for an art history major, which is kind of specific, and Knox has a great art program.

You attended last year's Women's March in Washington, D.C., with other Knox students. What was that experience like?

The Women's March was a really crazy and incredible experience. One of my favorite Knox memories, by far. When I saw it online I knew I wanted to be a part of it and that's one of the great things about Knox, that they provide opportunities to be a student, an athlete, and an activist.

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Printed on Monday, May 17, 2021