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Janelle Athans

Zion, Illinois

Major in Biochemistry, minor in Spanish

On top of her rigorous academic schedule, Janelle manages the volleyball team and is president of the Chemistry Club and an active member of the Pre-Health Club.

Janelle enjoys the welcoming atmosphere at Knox.

What brought you to Knox?

What brought me to Knox was the welcoming atmosphere and the small school size. I knew that I wanted to build connections with my professors, not just take their classes. Because I was able to build those relationships with professors, I got involved in research

Why are you pursuing a career in the medical field, specifically anesthesiology?

I, like every other college student, have been looking into different career fields. After spending more time working on research, I have been looking into working in a lab setting because I will be able to explore different areas of science, and I feel working in a lab is less limiting.

Where do you volunteer?

Through the Chemistry Club, I have volunteered at Discovery Depot, which is a children's museum in Galesburg. We help put on a science night there to get kids in Galesburg excited about science.

What do you do in the Chemistry Club and the Pre-Health Club?

 I am currently co-president and demonstrations director of the Chemistry Club. With the help of my co-president, I organize weekly meetings and small experiments we can do as a group. 

In the Pre-Health Club, I attend meetings where I can talk to and learn from the experiences of other students who are currently in the healthcare field and healthcare professionals.

What opportunities and experiences have you had at Knox that particularly stand out to you?

My most enriching experiences here at Knox have been my research opportunities. I did research with Professor Gidmark on the project where we restored the blue fin whale that is now on display in the Umbeck Science-Mathematics Center. I spent most of my time cleaning and preparing the bones. I am doing research on biofuels with Professor Cermak. Last term, I was able to help run an experiment with the research I am doing with Professor Cermak that was used in general chemistry, organic chemistry, and physical chemistry classes.

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Printed on Saturday, June 15, 2024