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Arthur Anthony Jr.

Plainfield, Illinois

Double Major in Business and Economics

The decision to play football for the Prairie Fire gave Arthur the best of both worlds.

Arthur Anthony Jr. ’24 can instantly tell you the biggest moment of his Knox College athletic career. He was playing defense against Illinois College during the 2022 Homecoming game at the Knosher Bowl. With his family in attendance, Anthony intercepted the ball in front of a buzzing Knox home crowd. To this day, nothing comes close to the excitement of that moment.

For Anthony, the decision to play football for the Prairie Fire gave him the best of both worlds—a strong academic opportunity to study finance, and the ability to continue his athletic passions. Anthony says he feels pride when he walks onto the field in his purple and gold uniform alongside his Prairie Fire teammates. “Knox was everything I ever wanted,” he said. “I love playing in the Knosher Bowl and hearing the echoes—it’s very unique, very cool.” 

As the treasurer of Beta Theta Pi, Anthony not only lives with his teammates but is also responsible for organizing their finances and budgeting for events and philanthropy, such as volunteering for Loving Bottoms Diapers. He feels the skills he learns from this position will naturally transfer into his future career in finance.

Working with the Knox Bastian Family Center for Career Success has also given him tools to help navigate his transition into a career. As a peer career leader, Anthony makes videos on social media, encouraging students to utilize the different resources offered by the center for assistance in building resumes and cover letters. Anthony also uses software tools such as Handshake to connect with alumni and seek internships and job opportunities. 

Dealing with a busy schedule, Anthony keeps it all on track by writing out the different things he needs to do in his agenda book that was given to him by his coaches. He believes his coaching staff has helped the team grow as individuals by focusing on every player as a human first. He feels the conversations about time management, accountability, and responsibility, both in groups and individually, have helped him grow not only as an athlete but also as a person. 

 “You feel like more than just a number. It is life-changing here,” Anthony said. 

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Printed on Sunday, June 23, 2024