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We Are Knox...

Jmaw Moses


Clinton, Maryland

Self-designed Major in Musical Theatre, Minor in Creative Writing

How would you describe campus life at Knox?

Life at Knox is like living in a fantasy world for me. Not only am I constantly surrounded by kind geniuses that know me and smile when they see me, but I'm also constantly learning. There isn't a day that passes by where I don't discover something about a class or about myself.

Why did you choose Knox?
I chose Knox because of the people and the atmosphere. It was so inviting and loving, and I felt like I could thrive here and do anything.

Jmaw MosesAny advice for high school students on their college search?
Go to school for the education and to a school that you know you'll be comfortable -- because the friends will follow.

Tell us about a memorable class, experience, professor, or assignment and what you learned from it.
I've definitely learned a lot through the entire process. I guess one of the most memorable academic experiences is Somatic Practice for the Performing Artist. I've never felt so connected to my body and mind, simultaneously.

What are your interests and hobbies?
I spend most of my time doing things in the Performing Arts. I'm in choir and sing all the time. I dance in Terpsichore, and I'm stage managing Monica Prince’s Honors project.

Have you done any volunteering/community service during your time at Knox?
Yes! I've volunteered at The Purple Hanger, a local second-hand shop.

What campus jobs have you had while at Knox? Jmaw Moses
I’ve worked in both the Gizmo and the Hard Knox Café. I currently work in the Office of Admission as a tour guide and teleambassador.

What has been your favorite moment during your choir experience? Are you looking forward to the Spain tour and why?
Choir is an amazing experience. Laura Lane is an amazing woman, and I’ve made amazing friends in choir. My favorite memory is touring in Colorado. We had some ridiculously awesome concerts and so much fun. I am more excited to go to Spain. It's gonna be so fun and incredible.