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Knox College Alcohol Policy

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Knox College encourages students to make responsible decisions concerning the possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages. Consumption of alcoholic beverages, within the limits of state and local law, may be permitted on campus in accordance with College policies, regulations, and guidelines pertaining to alcohol.

The College does not condone the use of illegal drugs or the illegal use of legal drugs, including alcohol. Students are expected to obey the law and to take full responsibility for their conduct relative to alcohol consumption.

If alcohol is consumed on campus or at a College event, it is expected that such consumption is in compliance with college policies and regulations, is not abusive, does not violate the rights of roommates or others, and does not lead to conduct that is disorderly, disruptive, or destructive.  Any violation of the alcohol policy or regulations for social events with alcohol shall be subject to disciplinary action by the college.

  1. The legal age for possession and consumption of alcohol in the State of Illinois is 21.
  2. Students of legal drinking age may possess and consume alcoholic beverages in individual residents' rooms in residence halls, fraternity houses, and living units.
  3. Purchasing alcohol for, or providing alcohol to those under the legal age to consume alcohol, 21, is prohibited.
  4. Alcohol may only be purchased with private funds.  Student organization funds, Student Activity Fees funds, the combined funds of members of organizations (including fraternities or sororities), or funds of outside agencies shall not be used to acquire alcoholic beverages.
  5. All use of common containers (including kegs) of alcohol on campus or at related functions is prohibited unless dispensed by a licensed third party vendor such as the Knox College Food Service.
  6. Drinking games are prohibited.
  7. The possession and consumption of alcohol is limited to designated areas of living units and to other campus locations specifically authorized for that purpose. 
  8. The possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages in a public place on campus is prohibited.
  9. Open containers are prohibited in public spaces of residential areas including suite common space, living rooms, corridors, stairwells, porches, etc.
  10. Open containers are prohibited outdoors including roadways, parking lots, walkways, lawns, and steps or porches of buildings unless at an approved social event that complies with state and local liquor laws and has been authorized by the Dean of Students.
  11. Alcohol is prohibited at any membership recruitment or membership training activity of any club or organization.
  12. Social events in residential areas (including fraternity houses and all Knox living units) with alcohol may not be open events, i.e.  accessible to all members of the campus.  Any social event in a residential area with alcohol must be registered with Student Activities. Forms for this purpose are available from the Campus life office.
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Printed on Wednesday, August 24, 2016

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